Close Up Diamond Attraction ft. AsNTM

by - June 26, 2015

*Pic by Leoni

I finally had time to sit and blog about one fine night that I spent with Close Up! So as you had known already, Close Up had launched their newest toothpaste, Diamond Attraction couple months ago. This product is really intriguing because it claims to make teeth whiter after one application!!

Close Up Diamond Attraction is equipped with Bluelight Technology that will coat the teeth and act as an optical fiber that balances reflected light teeth, so that the light reaching the eye will make teeth appear whiter. If used regularly twice a day can make teeth look more natural white gradually.

This year, Close Up has became the official smile partner of the biggest fashion contest in Asia, no other that Asia's Next Top Model (Cycle 3)! I don't know about you, but I've been watching AsNTM since the first season!! So it was really really exciting for me to meet the head judge and host of AsNTM3....

...the gorgeous Georgina Wilson! In one of the episode, the contestants had to do Selfie Smile and Diamond Smile challenges. So apparently, smile is something important in fashion and beauty industry, especially in this era where we snap and post everything online. And as a blogger, I've had some thoughts of whiten my teeth for a bunch of times, it's not that my teeth look bad or anything, but who doesn't want pearly white teeth anyway?

In the AsNTM3, Indonesia sent 3 representatives, and I've loved Ayu Gani from the very first episode, she has a very unique look and she did really well in the competition! She's my favourite from all these three seasons so far! So I was excited to see her in person as well :)

Though Gani didn't win any of the Selfie Smile and Diamond Smile challenge, it's because she thought she wouldn't look good smiling because she has small eyes, and every time she smiles, her eyes will be completely gone hahaha, but she thought that white teeth can boost up her confidence :) I  was looking forward to try it out!

Weren't they all look great? :)

I hope we also looked as great haha! With Thea & Gita

*Pic by Gita

The dress code was sparkling blue, so I had to wear Jenn's most sparkling jacket as an outer hahaha. And I think I was the most 'sparkling' one there #followtherules

And finally a pic with Gani. How come she was so afraid that her smile would be bad for the photoshoot, she has a very nice smile :) I was so happy for her being on top! I literally screamed a bit when I watched the season's finale hehe, I'm so proud that Indonesia could finally win the title! #IndonesiaOnTop

Just so you know, I've been using Close Up as my toothpaste for decades now, and I can only use Close Up haha. After I got the new Diamond Attraction toothpaste, I tried it out once I got home, and I've been using it every since. I won't say that my teeth become whiter after single application, and it's only because I don't compare before and after I brush my teeth. But I do notice that my teeth have became whiter day by day, so I'll keep using it for better result. Have you tried Close Up Diamond Attraction? :)

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