Self Reminder: Search for The Light

by - June 19, 2015

* This is not a beauty-related post *

It was half past eight in the morning and I was getting ready to work. I went inside my car to start it up, but the engine wouldn't start. I tried to turn it off and on again for couple times before realising that it wouldn't help at all. My dad had already went out hours before, so I got no help. All I could think of was why did it happen when I was going to work and how I was going to be late for work.

Couple minutes later my mom showed up and offered to drive me to work, I agreed. On the way I was still annoyed that it happened to me. Once I arrived at work, I IM-ed my dad and told him about the trouble I had that morning.

He didn't reply anything but thanking God that it happened to me at home, in the morning, before work. I was still looking for some answer of what he meant, until he continued that he was thankful because it didn't happened when I was on the way to work, or later at the office when I was going back home.

This is just a really simple thing that happen to me recently. And how it really changed my way of viewing my own life. I may have been complained, frustrated, annoyed too much by small things that happen everyday, but I never really cared the other side of the story.

Later that day, my mom also said the same thing to me, she thanked God that it happened at home, she said it would had been troublesome if it happened anywhere but home. Ahh, I wish I also have their kind of point of view :)

P.S. Turned out, the problem was the battery. But we've had it changed and now the car works perfectly normal.

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