Review: Aztec Secret Mask - Indian Healing Clay

by - June 07, 2015

If you're a beauty enthusiast like me, then I'm sure you already knew about this product, Indian Healing Clay as known as Aztec Secret Mask which claimed to be the world's most powerful facial! This product is sorta famous couple years ago, but I couldn't find it anywhere in Indonesia, so I was incredibly happy to find them at my all time favourite beauty store, Miss Lie Collection!

I know that the packaging doesn't look cute at all, but I don't really care about what's outside but inside! This mask comes in huge packaging, mine is 454 grams! However if you want to try it out first, I believe Miss Lie Collection also offers smaller share package for this mask. You can buy the mask alone, or buy the mask & apple cider vinegar package, because it's best to use the mask with apple cider vinegar (ACV) than water.

The function of this mask is for detoxing, since it's 100% natural calcium bentonite clay. Bentonite clay works by absorbing all the nasty and bad stuffs that don't belong in your skin. I'm calling all beauty lovers here that like to try out new makeup or skincare products every other day, and sometimes some products don't work on your skin and cause break out :( I just want you to know, I feel you girls... And you may discover new breakthrough in your skincare regimen after you finish reading this posts.

The mask itself is only bentonite clay, it's powder and that's why you need ACV to mix it up until it forms into a paste. The cool thing about this mask is you can add whatever you want with it. You can just use plain water or ACV, you could also add honey or lemon juice, just be creative with it!

Keep in mind that this mask is from bentonite clay, so don't let it touch any metal utensils!! Some people make mistakes by stirring the mask and ACV using metal spoon, I'm no scientist, but I think it'll deactivate the clay purpose hahaha. Use plastic bowl and spoon instead.

Once it forms into a paste, apply it to your face and let it dry and harden for couple of minutes. If you have dry/sensitive skin, just leave it for 5-10 minutes (once a week), for oily/troubled skin, you can use it for 15-20 minutes (twice a week). Don't apply it on eye areas because it tightens when it dries, it's even pulling! You'll feel tingling and pulsating sensation when it starts to dry. I actually like it, because I know that the mask is really working hehe :)

Once it dries out, remove the mask with washing it off with warm water or use washcloth if you want. It may cause some redness on your skin for about 1-2 hours, it's completely normal and the redness will be gone after 2 hours.

I noticed some improvements to my acne scars and pimples, and it sucks everything from my pores, so it tightens up pores and removes whiteheads/blackheads too! Since I use it twice a week, it helps clearing up my acne without drying out my skin.

Some makeup and skincare products can cause acne because they're not suitable for your skin, and that has always been my problem since I like trying out new products every now and then, my skin has been in the worst condition in the past few months, I was so frustrated because nothing works out, but I was so glad this mask works out really well on my skin, detoxing all bad stuffs from my skin and helps clearing out my skin. I rate this product 5/5, so I totally recommend everyone to try it out, it's a must have for every beauty lovers.

And here is a video of how I use the mask:

You can buy this at Miss Lie Collection, proven trusted seller for original makeup/skincare since 2009. Quote 'BEAUTYAPPETITE' for free shipping all over Indonesia.

Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask Package:
100gr + 30ml AVC --- IDR 90,000
454gr + 100ml AVC --- IDR 290,000

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  1. Sudah lamaaaa banget penasaran ama masker yang satu ini, cuma berhubung bubuk jadi males belinya, plus karena jauh belinya dan aku gak tau harus di mana dapetin cuka apelnya T^T << kebanyakan alasan banget yak XD

    1. Kalau memang punya troubled skin sih aku rekomen banget pake ini!! Iya gak segampang pake mask sheet sih.. tapi hasilnya keliatan *_*
      Aku kebetulan belinya udah paketan dapet cuka apelnya, jadi gak usah beli cuka apel lagi hehe :D

  2. Ah kamyuuuuh~ udah ngeracunin cushion, ngeracunin ini pula, nasib kantongku gimana cobaaa~ >__<

    1. tapi kulit kamu gak bermasalah Mer! mulussss begitu!
      aku biasanya pake kalau berasa mau muncul jerawat, mungkin karena sering coba produk baru, kadang ada yang gak cocok juga... habis gimana dong, nasib beauty blogger T_T

  3. Eng... Karena akhir2 ini sakit (bukan akhir2 ini aja sih, udah dari april hahaha) jadi kurang begitu ngurus wajah, plus HG ku yaitu C20 habis, jadi ya beginilah wajah, agak2 gimana gitu ya XD;; ada jerawat 1 di tepat di hidung, sama 1 lagi di bawah hidung, pipi merah2 gak jelas, aaaargh~ pokoknya bikin streeeesss~

    Coba aku punya aztec dari dulu ya T^T


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