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by - June 02, 2015

So last month was an exciting month for me, because I had a little bit of transformation myself hehe. I went to Alfons Salon for a hair cut and also hair color! Yes you read it right, I haven't dyed my hair for a while, because the last time I did was last year and I dyed it black before graduation. So I was really excited for a new color! :)

So this is my hair before haircut and coloring. I cut it short couple weeks before to remove the split ends, plus I have to deal with the heat everyday, it's getting hotter each day, and I also have super thick hair.

I dyed my hair using L'Oreal Excellence. I have used this hair dye for a couple times before, trying out several different shades (they have wide selection of shades!!) and they turned out great. If you never tried this before, I recommend you to do a skin test before use, by applying the solution at the back of your ear and leave it for about 12 hours.

There were some shades to choose from, and I chose the third one, L'Oreal Excellence Fashion 5.62 Intense Violet Brown. And as far as I remember, L'Oreal Indonesia Brand Ambassador, Dian Sastro just dyed her hair with L'Oreal Excellence 4.45 Mahogany Copper Brown, and she looks great with her new hair.

Yesss, I got a chance to meet Dian Sastro herself last month, she is so pretty in real life and bubbly too! She just had her birthday and decided to do a transformation too, and I think it's quite big, because she's well known with her dark black hair. But I think her new hair colour suits her really well though, don't you think? :D

I was accompanied by Feegy the whole day! And guess what, she also chose the same shade as me, so now our hair colours are pretty much the same shade :D

Done with the coloring, and waiting for an hour for the hair dye to absorb!

Getting manicure and pedicure while waiting :)

Relaxing time...

And tadaah! This is the final result, I asked the hair stylist not to cut it too short, simply because I don't like it haha. And he did it! The colour really shows up under the light, but it still looks very subtle though. I used two boxes to get this colour because I have thick hair haha. So if you also have thick or long hair, get two boxes of these so the hair won't be blotchy.

The best things that I like about L'Oreal Excellence is it's really easy to use, you can use it by yourself at home or get some help from your friends or family, the price is also affordable, and it doesn't make my hair dry at all, don't forget to use the conditioner that's available in the box after you wash your hair.

Another photo with Feegy! I was satisfied with the result, the colour shows up as much as I need them to, yet it changes my whole look. And since I just started working, I don't need much attention to my hair, I still want to look professional hehe.
What do you think about our new hair? :)

Alfons Salon
Hotel Kartika Chandra, Jl. Jenderal Gatot Subroto
Kec. Setiabudi, Indonesia
+6221 2500323

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  1. Love your new hair.. You looks refreshed.. :) i cut my hair short too , to the weather these days..

    1. aww thanks :)
      i know right! the weather is crazy these days

  2. Jee... cantik banget je.. ^^ rambut barunya suka deh ^^
    kapan ya bisa bareng2 ketemu di event lagi.. ^^

    1. haha iya hair stylistnya oke sih dari Alfons :D
      Iyaa kapan kita bisa bertemu lagi yaaa..

  3. do you know how much cut and curly at there? thankyou

    1. I'm not sure how much, because it all depends on your hair length too :)


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