Review: Laure Lash 'Daphne' & 'Peneus'

by - June 16, 2015

I received a package from Laure Lash last month, there were two pairs of beautiful lashes in it. Laure Lash is a new fake lashes brand from Indonesia, one of the founders is an active makeup artist, so she must've known what kind of fake lashes are best for Indonesians. The fact that this is a local brand makes it more exciting for me, if you didn't know already, Indonesia produces great false eyelashes, you can get high quality products with competitive price. Make sure to remember this when you're doing your makeup shopping :)

I don't wear fake lashes on my daily basis, I wish I had time to do it every morning though. I used to apply tons of mascara everyday couple years ago, but I had given up on mascara since I have sparse, short and think lashes, using eyelash curler and applying mascara didn't seem to be the answer. That's why I had eyelash extension couple months ago, that lasted for couple of weeks but need to be touched up every two weeks or so. Wearing fake lashes is the easiest solution, I can wear them whenever I want, they're easy to apply and don't harm my real lashes at all.


I prefer my lashes to look natural, I only use them on the weekend when I have to attend some events, meetings or just hanging out with my friends, that's why I chose Daphne and Peneus. Daphne seems to be the most natural pair from Laure Lash, if I'm not wrong. It gives you a bit length, but not over the top, but it's not super thick so you can use it on daily basis if you want.

All lashes from Laure Lash have flexible clear bands, and that's what I love about it! You can wear them with or without eyeliner, though I don't really recommend it haha. The size of the lashes is perfect for my eyes, not too short and not too long that I have to cut them shorter to fit my eyes.


After seeing this pair, then you must've known what kind of lashes is my favourite: longer at the middle part to create bigger and round effect to the eyes. Peneus is a bit longer than Daphne, but not too much, it looks flirty because it's thicker, but still looks natural in my opinion ;)

Actually Laure Lash has many different type of lashes, that will suit your glamour look for night and natural look for day. All of the lashes are reusable, and I've used my Daphne for at least 3 times now, but it's still in very good shape! The lashes are so comfortable even if I layer my lashes if I want thicker and voluminous eyelash.


Just so you know, every pair of lashes from Laure Lash, you'll also get an eyelash glue in the box. I usually don't like eyelash glue that comes in fake lashes, but this glue is pretty good actually, I never experience my fake lashes falling out, once you put the lashes on, it STAYS on!

Wearing Daphne
Wearing Peneus

If you're interested, you can check their instagram page Laure Lash, they're currently having an ongoing promotion too! :)

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  1. cantiiik kak <3 sukaaa sama eye lashesnya hehehe


  2. Cute lashes, it looks so natural on you and I love it :))


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