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How's your weekend so far beautiful people! :D
Today I want to talk about something different, it's about birthstone. I really find it interesting to find your birthstone and know the meaning of it. Birthstone is a certain gem that is associated with the time in which a person is born.
There are twelve different kind of birthstone with different meanings.
January Garnet - Faith, love, constancy
February Amethyst - Peace, temperance, serenity, royalty
March Aquamarine - Youth, love, hope
April Diamond - Purity, innocence, eternity, courage
May Emerald - Fertility, rebirth, love
June Pearl - Chastity, modesty
July Ruby - Harmony, peace
August Peridot - Beauty, strength, morality
September Sapphire - Dignity, loyalty, serenity, faith, purity and wisdom
October Opal - Faithfulness, confidence
November Citrine - Love, affection
December Blue Topaz - Good fortune, success
Some facts about birthstones:
  1. According to legends, wearing a gemstone during its assigned month heightens its healing power
  2. Gemstones are believed to offer various healing benefits to their wearers

Shoes from Sammy Dress
I was born in February, so my birthstone is Amethyst. I got this birthstone ring from Soufeel that offers silver accessories in very affordable price! All items are in great quality too.

I never put the ring off after I got it. The size is perfectly fit, and since it's made in silver, I don't have to worry about allergy (some people have alloy/nickel allergy), or the colour fading.
I've been obsessed with thin necklace lately, so I also got one from Soufeel. Do check them out if you're looking for rings, necklaces, charms, bracelets, earrings, etc.

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So, what is your birthstone? :)

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