Beyond Eco Beauty Event Report

by - April 04, 2015

Hello beauty biters! I went to Beyond event last month, and finally be able to write the event report now hahah :D So I was taking lots of selfies in their cute store (on the pic above), because all of their products are amazingly cute!!! Alright, by that intro then you must've known already that Beyond is a Korean brand. We've known hundreds of Korean brands, but I promise you that this one is totally different from the others!

Beyond is a cosmetic brand under LG Household & Healthcare that stands against animal testing, use only natural ingredients with minimum chemical elements that are stored in eco-friendly containers. Truth to be told, Beyond isn't the first cosmetic brand who use natural ingredients, but they truly care about the environment and naturalism the most.

The God of Mist!
The God of Hand Cream
OH! My Hand Cream

There are actually more of cutesy products, but then it will going to be a very long post, and y'all are going to drool all over your laptop/PC/phone because you want all of these :D Beyond has more skin care category and wide selection of products for different type of skins. But behold, they also have tons of appealing makeup! 8O

BB cream, CC Cream, lipsticks, lipglosses, liptints, eyeshadows, blushers... I wish I could take all of them home.

Save Us! Cheeks
Yes... Yes... I would save all of you
Because the value of Beyond is all about natural, as you can see, their makeup will help you to achieve 'no makeup' makeup look, and not putting tons of layer on your skin.

100% cotton sheet mask
The God of Patch
Natural Garden Masks!
Cute cupcakes, cute cookies, cute decorations all over their store!

Can't hold my self to not posing with the cupcake. #bloggerproblem

My natural makeup was using Beyond products! I got a makeover from Beyond :) Go, go, go to their store and try out their makeup. My recommendations are: CC cream, lipsticks & Browcara.

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Angel Aqua line for Dry skin type
With Leoni!
With the hosts: Jesslyn, Feegy, and pwetty bloggers: Via, Leoni (Pic by Via)
Photo by Leoni
Heehee, that's all for the event report, guys! I have been using Beyond products since last month, so I promise to write Beyond product review next week. Stay tune! :D

Taman Anggrek 3rd Floor
Jl. Letjen S. Parman, Kav. 21, Jakarta Barat, - 11470

 J E S S I E 


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  1. Kemasannya lucu-lucu banget yaaaa...


    1. hehe iya korean products emg selalu lucu packagingnya :)

  2. wah..lucu lucu banget produknya..sering lewat, tapi karna belum pernah denger namanya ga pernah mampir..hehehe..
    btw, itu blushernya harganya berapa ya?pengen nambahi koleksi dirumah jadinya >.<

    1. hehe aku biasa ke taman anggrek yang lantai 3 :)
      blushernya sekitar 100-200 ribuan kali ya, i'm not sure sih, bisa langsung di cek ke storenya aja hehehe


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