Review: Beyond Angel Aqua Kit & Aqua Bloom Serum

by - April 21, 2015

Wondering what's inside this suppah cute box? It's Beyond Angel Aqua Special Skin Care Kit, haha that's a mouthful, so let's just call it Angel Aqua Kit. There are ton of products in Angel Aqua line that specialize for oily skin type, so I was pretty excited to get this kit!

As I have mentioned earlier in Beyond Eco Beauty Event Report, Beyond stands against animal testing, use only natural ingredients with minimum chemical elements that are stored in eco-friendly containers.

What's inside Angel Aqua Kit?

So when I try this kit, I keep using my usual facewash, and subtitute the toner-emulsion-cream. The toner keeps my skin refreshed and helps to remove dirts, soap residue and keeps my skin matte all day. The emulsion (like serum) absorbs to the skin very well, and also helps the cream to absorb into the skin quicker. What I like the most is the cream, because the consistency isn't creamy at all, it's more like a gel, which is perfect for oily skin! It doesn't feel sticky when I apply it to the skin.

Gel texture
The Angel Aqua Kit keeps my skin matte for about 6-8 hours, so I don't have to keep blotting my face every 3 hours lol :D

Aqua Bloom Moisture Serum

It is dermatologically tested, paraben-free, minimum chemical colorants, against animal testing, eco beauty lab and recyclable package. Totally worry-free! :)

Aqua Bloom line is specifically made for normal-dry skin. This serum will keep your skin hydrated. Totally recommended for those living in cool/cold places.

Pump package
Moreover, the pump package is very higienic, even more hygienic than my usual serum that uses pipette. After using this serum, skin will be really hydrated and plump. The texture is pretty much like gel, so it absorbs into the skin very well. Recommended for dry skin type.

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