Come Sit With Me

by - April 18, 2015

Hi gorgeous people! How's your weekend so far? :)
I went for some errands then had dinner with mi familia today and went out with my friends on Friday day, so it's pretty good, I always love spending time with my loved ones.

Anyhoo, I just started using Snapchat, and kinda addicted. I can't stop snapping photos and taking videos even it drains my phone's battery so much. I even take less time on Instagram (I used to be 24x7 on Instagram)! Add my Snapchat and let's be silly together haha. As always, my ID is SIJESSIE.

I'm going to rest of my Saturday night watching Orange Is The New Black... so... talk to you tomorrow? :D

 J E S S I E 
Let's Be Friends!! :)

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