How to Take Great Pictures With Smartphone

by - April 03, 2015

I'm really sure that most of you (if not all) use Instagram. We're familiar with the functions, the hashtags, the users, and also the photos. These days, people try to snaps every highlights in their life and post it on Instagram, am I right? ;) So, Clozette Indonesia decided to hold an offline event with Smithies at DeliCo.

DeliCo - The Bakery Cafe
Gedung Summitmas I,
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 61 - 62, Jakarta

Tessa, Sophie, me, and Ayu were introducing ourselves as Clozette Ambassadors (Pic by Smithies)

Clozette always create offline events regularly every month, and will invite Clozette Ambassadors as well as Clozette loyal members. They always have different kind of theme, and in this event, the theme is How to Take Great Pictures With Smartphone, and we were being taught by this sweet girl, Maria Karina.

Our teacher of the day ;)
There are some things that we need to to create good pictures with smartphone, and in this case, we were focusing more on OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) and Selfie, because gurl, our Instagram feeds are full with selfies and OOTDs in the first place! :p

Clozette Ambassadors posing with Maria (Pic by Smithies)
When you're taking pictures, either it's OOTD or selfie, you're not only taking picture of yourself, but also your background. If you're in a room, make sure to tidy up first, it's better if you're in cafe or restaurant that has great ambience, don't forget to customise your outfit with the environment. A plain wall can be great if you're wearing colourful outfit, you want people's attentions on your clothes, not the background, right?

Pic by Kania Safitri
It is best if you're shooting outdoors from 7-10 AM and 3-6 PM. Why? Because the sunshine is too harsh in the afternoon (11 AM - 2 PM) and your photos will become too bright. If you're shooting indoor, make sure you get natural lighting from the sun, for example: sitting near the window. Don't take photos under yellow lights, your clothes and skin tone will look completely different in the camera.

Me, Leoni, and Kania
This is the hard one, because you can't perfect it within minutes. You should know your best feature and your best angle, as for me, my best angle is from right hand side, that's why I always take photos from my right side :D. When taking OOTD photos, take the camera from low angle, so it will make you look taller! Aaand, you can get some help of how to pose from these famous fashion bloggers below.

Maria Karina recommended these *free* apps to edit your photos: VSCOcam, Snapseed, Line Camera. She said, you better choose one tone for all your photos, so your feed will look similar to each other. I always use VSCOcam F7 for my Instagram photos (now you know my secret hehee).

So, that's just a little bit of what Maria taught us. And later that day, we were given a challenge to upload our best selfie and OOTD! :-o

We were busy snapping photos :D (Pic by Smithies)
These are my submissions:


My cutie photographer, Jean Milka :)
And guess what guys, the best photo winner got a Lenovo smartphone as a prize! Too bad I didn't win this challenge, maybe next time? :D

Pic by Smithies
As conclusion, we all had really fun that day, we took thousands of photos together 'till we forget to eat our lunch, we learned a LOT from Maria and got to know everyone better! If you also want to join to great events like this, simply sign up at Clozette Indonesia and don't forget to follow me @sijessie and other Ambassadors. We'll be glad to meet y'all in other event and take pictures together!

Pic by Kania Safitri
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