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by - April 13, 2015


If you’ve been reading my blog quite a long time, then you must have already knew that I prefer easy-to-do makeup, makeup that can be done in nearly 15 minutes. I don’t like to use heavy makeup because people tend to say that I’d look more mature than my age if I wear heavy makeup, which means I look a lot older than my age.

In my opinion, great skin is a great base for your makeup, so if you have healthy skin, you won’t need too much make up as a cover up! Maintaining healthy skin is as easy as one two three! All you have to do is prep the skin with skincare that is suitable with your skin. As for me, I have oily skin, so I use moisturizer that absorbs to the skin quickly and has oil control, that’s why I chose Citra Hazeline Cool Snow as my moisturizer, besides an oil-free moisturizer, it doesn’t make my skin feels dry at all.

I apply this moisturizer twice a day after washing my face. And I totally love the cooling sensation when I apply the Hazeline Cool Snow :)

However, I have a pale skin problem where if I don’t wear makeup (especially blush!) I would look like I’m sick :( So, I decided to use Citra Pink Orchid Facial Foam to clean my face every day. It doesn’t only help to brighten up my skin, but also give it a flush so I won’t look like I’m sick anymore heheh.

There are actually lots of products from Citra that you could try depending on your skin types, and I chose Pink Orchid Facial Foam and Hazeline Cool Snow based on my own skin type. There is no immediate result from using skincare, but you’ll notice the difference from time to time. I notice the difference from my skin when I apply my makeup, these days I only need sheer cover for my face and that’s all!

We all have our own best features, so all we need is to highlight those features to look good. We don’t need to cover all of flaws that we have since no one’s perfect anyway. So this is just me showing you how I feel most confident with my makeup on.

So let's just start the tutorial!

Do your eyebrow, choose the shade that is similar to your hair. Then use the spoolie brush.

Prime your eyelids then apply Naked onto your eyelids then apply Buck on the outer V of your eyes.

Line your eyes with eyeliner, apply BB cream all over your face, then apply concealer to conceal dark circles underneath your eyes, after that curl your lashes and apply some coats of mascara.

Apply powder all over your face for a matte finish!

Then, apply pink blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Lastly, apply your favorite pink lipstick! And we're finish, easy right? ;)

If you have great skin condition, you won’t even need makeup like I do. You may only need eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, mascara and you’re good to go. The hardest part is to achieve that… Applying good skin care everyday will really help to maintain your skin, choose skin with natural ingredients because you don’t want to put mercury and other weird ingredients to your skin.

Taking care your skin by using skin care takes time, but really, nothing good comes instantly. All you have to do is to start from now and work your way up! Let’s all start with being confident of our own skin. Share your selfie without heavy makeup and filter with a product of Citra to Rumah Cantik Citra on Facebook and @CantikCitra on twitter with #CitraBeraniNatural and get a chance to win fabulous prizes :)

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  1. Cakeep, kliatan natural bngt.. :)

    1. Hehehe, iya ini lebih cocok kalo buat sehari-hari (kuliah/kantor)
      Thanks! :)


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