by - July 25, 2012

Hi adorable girls out there! Thank you for your time coming here to read my blog. Today is going to be my first time to review a make up brush, which is the Foundation Brush from The Body Shop. I've used this foundation brush for more than half a year, so I think its the right time to review it.

Because The Body Shop is cruelty-free, so the brush isn't made from animal hair but synthetic fibers, which is good, because a foundation brush is better made from synthetic fibers, it will work good with your cream or liquid foundation. It will be easier to clean it too, because you're going to clean your foundation brush really often to avoid it from bacteria. Brush that made from synthetic fibers will dry faster after you clean it than animal hair brush, and also more durable than animal hair brush.

The brush is super soft, it gives natural finish and great coverage for my foundation, it doesn't give streaks. The most amazing thing about this brush is, the brush hair NEVER falls out, incredible but true, I'm so impressed! I only do deep cleansing for the foundation brush, and even though I clean it regularly, I never see the brush hair shed! says:
An elegant, high-quality brush that provides even application of The Body Shop make-up liquid foundations and highlighting products, with a natural-looking finish.

Use the back of your hand as a palette and dab the brush into the liquid. Apply only a small amount to the end of the brush and lightly blend the foundation onto the face and neck area, starting from the top center of your face and working your way out.

Using a brush to apply foundation distributes product better than a sponge. To protect your Brush, cleanse it regularly using The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil & Mint Daily Facial Wash. Rinse until water runs clear and stand to dry naturally overnight.

The only thing I hate is the handle is too big, so I cannot put it in my brush case, even though its really comfortable to have a big grip, so its easier to use.

I love love love this brush so much, The Body Shop brushes never failed me, especially the hair brush which never fall.

What is your favorite foundation brush?

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  1. I never use any brush when apply my foundie >.<

    come and see my blog

  2. Great review, very informal! I'm definitely checking out more from this brand :)

  3. I tried some of The Body Shop brush long time ago. Quality is not very promising. I hope they made some changes to that.


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