by - July 22, 2012

Hey everyone, how have you been? I finally have my own domain, yay! This is also showing my seriousness into blogging. I hope we can learn more together about beauty-related things :).

I'm a contact lens user. And I always use lens in my daily life because I have bad sight. Before this, I was using a clear lens from Acuvue or FreshKon, so my look always look natural. But I want my eyes look bigger but still, natural, HOW? Most of you must know about famous Geo Lens which made from Korea.

I try the Geo Nudy in Brown color. The diameter is only 14.00mm, why I said only 14.00mm because nowadays people prefer bigger lens, from 16.00mm or more, and I've seen some lenses have diameter 19.00mm!! That's crazy, because that kind of lens are of course not good for our eyes, remember we only have 2 eyes, we have to take care of our own eyes, 15.00mm lens are big enough. Even I use the 14.00mm lens and they really make a big difference from my bare eyes.

The water content is 38-42% and really comfortable, seems like not wearing any lens! I like the brown color and the pattern, because it DOES make my eyes look brown, when other brands of contact lens which come in brown color usually look pathetically dark brown on my black eyes, you will barely see the brown color.

Again, I should say that these lens are super comfortable, I can use them from I get up from bed until I go back home, its like more than 12 hours. I don't know about you but I'm one of the people who doesn't need eye drops for contact lens even I'm in a air-condition room all day long.

Splatters on my nails :p

And these lens don't make my eyes dry or itchy. And really easy to clean them up! Just rub them a bit with the cleanser and put in the case for at least 4 hours before using. I don't have to worry about the lens will tear apart or something when I rub them, because the material is good even though these lens are the thickest lens I've ever had, but surprisingly really comfortable to wear.

I definitely will buy more Geo Lens! Let's buy ALL the lens!!

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  1. love your nail art dear <3


  2. I love geo lenses too :)
    Your nails are AAAAWESOME <3 love!


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