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This is my first tutorial, and it's going to be a very simple nail art that you can do in some minutes.
Today we're going to use purple, because purple is very chic, and suits really well to everyone.

Start with bare nails, and apply base coat to protect your nails. Some people has very delicate nails, so their nails can break or tear up easily, protecting nails is really important, especially to all of you who likes nail art.
Unfortunately, I run out of base coat and top coat, so I removed this after took pictures *cry*

 Prepare your nail polishes! I only use two different colors of purple, the soft one (middle) and the dark purple one (right).

Use the soft purple nail polish to apply your nail polish diagonally.
You don't have to be extremely neat.

Use the darker shade of purple to create diagonal line above the soft purple.
The tiny lines will cover the imperfect lines that you've made with the soft purple.
After that, apply top coat to protect your nails.

I got myself a nail sticker, so I'm going to use this today!

And here is the result. Easy huh?
What is your favorite nail polish color of the month? :)


Products I use:
1. Soft purple nail polish (PP405) - The Face Shop
2. Dark purple nail polish (PP404) - The Face Shop
3. Nail sticker (08) - The Face Shop

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  1. bagus hasilnya..
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  2. It's cute ><
    I'm suck at applying nail polish T_T
    Following you now sweetie :)


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