by - July 19, 2012

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Have a wonderful day folks! :)

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  1. Those pictures are beautiful! :)

  2. really awesome photos!
    first photo, the trees, where did you took the picture?
    nice :D
    and adorable nail art ♥

  3. adorable!
    much love ☺


  4. @Ruby and Rosa: i took the tree pic when i was in kuala lumpur :)

  5. cute !!! i love your nais and your instagram

  6. Gorgeous pictures! I was trying to comment on your post "baby white" you look so lovely there, just like a model! But I'm not sure why it wouldn't let me, also on the Revlon Liquid Eyeliner, I am glad I saw that post cause sometimes when I don't wanna go to Sephora to get my eyeliner, I am looking for a cheaper good version and I like the way that looked on your hands. So thanks for that post! I am in love with your blog design, you did a great job with it, I think it may have to do with the font, which I was using until I changed my blog entirely the other day.

    Thanks for leaving your link on my page, I'm so glad I checked it out!
    And I followed you as well!


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