by - July 18, 2012

Smooth, radiant, healthy and soft skin. Those are things that everyone wants. One key to get smooth skin is exfoliation. Exfoliation remove dead skin cells, so your skin will appear smoother, healthier and more radiant.

Some people prefer to use exfoliating cleanser to exfoliate their skin, so they have two cleansers, the normal one that they use everyday, and the exfoliating cleanser which they use once or twice a week.

But I prefer to use this facial cleansing pad from The Body Shop, so I don't have to buy two different cleansers. First, its good for my wallet, and secondly its really hard for me to get the perfect cleanser, if I want to buy exfoliating cleanser. All I have to do is wash my face as usual, and wet the facial pad with lukewarm water and put some facial wash on it and rub it to my face gently.

Remember, not to exfoliate your skin when you are sunburnt, or when you have open wounds in your face/body. Also if you have severe acne prone, try not to exfoliate your face, you don't want acne scars, right? And because exfoliation will dry your skin, don't forget to moisturize your skin! Apply your favorite moisturizer after the exfoliation is done.

Exfoliate skin once or twice a week is enough to get smooth and healthy skin, especially if you have dry skin. Because I have oily-combination type skin, I prefer to exfoliate once every two or three days.
If your skin suddenly become so dry, stop exfoliate your skin for some time. Give your skin a time to adapt it, to renew the skin cells. Because everyone has different types of skin, what works good on me, may not work really good on you. You should remember, don't scrub your skin so hard, just be gentle, especially if you have sensitive skin.

After use this facial cleansing pad for couple of months, I feel my skin is a lot smoother and healthier. So I'll keep this facial pad company, because I haven't found any better cleansing pad than this.
I hope I will get better looking skin later on, so let's do a better job for our own skin from now on!

How many times do you usually do exfoliation every week?

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  1. wooow beauty blog. cool maybe you can post somne tips about how to make up . btw i use the body shop too.hehe

  2. thanks for the lovely review doll. the next time i am near a body shop i might pick this up!

    xx rae

  3. I'd like to try that thing out!I think I might exfoliate too much.

    If you wouldn't mind, please follow my blog :)

  4. thanks for ur opinion on my blog dear :)
    oh anyway, ur tip is all great :D

  5. great blog, love it (;

    I use the body shop's products too, from shower gel to skincare, lol. I love them, but I've never tried this cleansing pad before, but might try them, thanks for the review <3


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