by - July 12, 2012

(Such a long post title, I know!)

I have this baby for quite a long time, but took me a while to review this. I always forget I haven't reviewed this blusher yet.

So I got the Lovely Me:Ex Cushion Blusher in Orange color from The Face Shop, I usually avoid orange-peach-tangerine-coral color, because I thought the color won't match my skin color. But I gathered courage for myself to buy and try this orange blusher, and after I tried this, I'm so deeply in love with orange. And in the contrary of what I always think, I would say orange really suits my skin tone a lot better than pink. I regret I've never got my courage to try orange long time ago, because orange color match asian skin tone perfectly.

At first glance, I was so disappointed to buy this, because when I opened the package, the blush is glittery, I swear! Who wants your cheeks sparkling like Edward Cullen?
But when I apply it on my cheeks, there's no glitter at all, just pretty orange color.
Many people says that the packaging is really cute, but actually I don't like it because its hard to open and close it, the packaging is made from cardboard, it always makes me mad to close the cap when I'm in a hurry.

It comes with white puffy cushion applicator which is really handy, so I don't have to bring blusher brush when I bring this blusher. The applicator works really good, it will blend the blusher color into your skin, so I prefer to use the applicator than using blusher brush. Because the texture is powdery, its better just to use the applicator.

The color is quite pigmented, so I don't have to worry to put it too much, and it looks so natural on me. I really love it, thats why I almost use this blusher everyday. And the color is good for Spring and Summer! The longevity is pretty good, it will stay on your face all day long, unless you rub your face.

If you don't want orange color, you also can try use another shade that The Face Shop has: 
#01 Romantic Pink
#02 Sexy Orange
#03 Pure Lavender
#04 Baby Pink
#05 Vivid Peach
At first I thought mine is the Vivid Peach one, because both of them look almost the same. But I think the Sexy Orange one is better, because the Vivid Peach color is too pale for me.


So overall, I like this blusher a lot, except the packaging. A lot of people complimenting the cute packaging, how its so colorful and cute. But I think it makes it looks so cheap, because its only made from cardboard. But I'm going to repurchase it again and again, and maybe I will try to use the other shade too!

What is your favorite blusher color?

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  1. i think most of korean brand have this kind of packaging, i have one from nature republic's and yeah, sometimes it's so hard to close.. -,-
    nice review and pic, Jes ^^

  2. would love to try this out.

  3. great blog.I love your shorts..:-)

  4. i have this in my wishlist! the box are so cute to resist!

  5. wow, this one look same w/ mine from nature republic, shine blossom blusher #pink ^^
    i love their packaging. look so cute~

  6. thanks for the review,im thinking of buying this much does it cost???btw,followed!put you in my beauty bloglist.

  7. i have the face shop's coral cushion blush and i love how natural it looks on me . loved your review !

    would you like to follow back ?


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