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What's up beautiful ladies? Today I'm going to review about Revlon: Costum Eyes #020 Naturally Glamorous. To be honest, I've bought this since last year, and it sures took me awhile to finally review this eyeshadows hehe.

The eyeshadows photos were taken December 2011, exceptionally for the swatches photos, those were taken today. I like to take photos of things that are still new, so I can capture them more beautiful, because I always want to give the best for my you readers *smile*. Because the eyeshadow condition is pretty nasty and untidy now, since I often use this eyeshadow.

First impression:
I was really excited to try this, the CostumEyes has many other colors, but I chose this Naturally Glamorous, because the colors are really pretty and I can use this in daytime or nighttime. And Revlon is one of my favorite drugstore makeup, so I believe this product must be awesome too.
The packaging is made from plastic, the size is slim and small so its really easy to bring with. It comes with 4 shadows, 1 liner and a dual-ended sponge applicator.

At the back of the package, there's a guide of how to apply the shadows, perfect for beginner who wants to play with colors.

I only follow the number from writing at the back of the package, somehow it look like backward if you see it like this.
This warm and neutral colors are suitable for every skin colors. The colors are all metallic, from #1 Metallic Beige, #2 Metallic Copper, #3 Metallic Champagne, #4 Metallic Bronze, and #5 Metallic Dark Brown


I really love this eyeshadow, because the colors have great pigmentation even if I don't use eyeshadow primer, except for #3 Champagne, the color doesn't show too much, I know that color is used for highlight underneath brow bone so you don't have to use an intense champagne color for that. But I'm disappointed, because the champagne color is my favorite between this five shadows.
The texture is a bit chalky, but not too much. The applicator is useful too, if I bring this eyeshadow out, so I don't have to bring eyeshadow brush, this is the first time that I've ever given a good compliment for an eyeshadow applicator, because most of them suck, but this one is pretty good, its soft and will not harm my eyes.

(Above: without flash // Below: with flash)

Overall, I like this shadow and I think I'm going to repurchase this later on. The only thing I don't like is the shadow is a bit chalky, and the champagne color doesn't show too much. I bought it for only Rp. 100.000 (USD 11.00) and its really a great deal to get 5 great eyeshadow colors.

What is your favorite drugstore eyeshadow?

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  1. warnanya cakep ya, cocok buat dipakai shari-hari k kantor.. aku blm pnh cb eyeshadow revlon :)

  2. the colors remind me of revlon colorstay eyeshadow in copper spice. great pigmentation, but shamefully chalky. Thanx for the review :)

  3. I have mine in Smoky Sexy.
    But I haven't got the chance to finally use it.
    Yours is so nice as well. :))
    I fell inlove with your blog. All about it actually.
    Amazingly great!
    Yay, Followed you! And thanks for taking time on visiting my blog.
    I appreciate it to bits. :]



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