Review: L'Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil

by - July 11, 2015

As most of you have known already, I dyed my hair to brown with L'Oreal, and now I'm sharing you my favorite item to treat my colored hair, also from L'Oreal (I will post more about hair treatment). Though it's called Elseve Extraordinary Oil, it doesn't feel like oil at all. It doesn't have the stickiness that oil has, and it has a delicate scent, but not too overpowering. At first, I thought this was just a normal oil that adds moisture and shine to hair, but boy, I was wrong.

My hair isn't in an extremely damaged condition after the coloring, since I used the L'Oreal Excellence that also protects the hair from being damaged. But still, my hair feels a bit dry on the ends because I also like to style my hair using hair straightener and curler sometimes. However, I think hair treatment is very important even if you don't dye or style your hair, because even just being out under the sun can damage our hair.
So far, I use this everyday, especially on my damp hair after I wash it and before I style my hair to protect it from the heat and give glossy look to the hair. You can apply it to second or third day hair to give it extra shine and moisture if you like. It doesn't leave any residue to the hair and hands, that's another extra point for this product.

I love that it makes my hair soft, silky, and glossy. It doesn't weigh down the hair so my hair won't look super sleek but neat and tidy. The only downside about this product that I could say is it has no directions at all, like how much product should I use because everything is written in Japanese.
I've been relying on this product a lot these couple of weeks and will continue to use it. My hair has been in its healthiest condition after I dyed it couple months ago. Anyone who also dye their hair might be interested to try it out.

Rating: 4/5

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