Review: Moist Natural 'Coffee Licious' Face Scrub & 'Babanana' Face Mask

by - July 16, 2015

I've been trying to use more local products in my makeup and skincare regimen, and here's my take on Moist products! I got two of them, the Babanana face mask and Coffee Licious face scrub.

Moist claims all products to be 100% natural, and they only use natural ingredients for their products, like strawberry, chocolate, milk & oat, tomato, cinnamon, green tea, coffee, and also banana. You can check Moist official page for more informations.

Babanana Face Mask

The mask is in dry powder form, so you have add liquid to the mask. If you're going to try the face mask, also grab rose water (either from Sariayu, Mustika Ratu, or other brands) or you can order it from Moist directly, because they also have some I believe. Add the mask and rose water until they turn into paste form and apply it to your face using mask brush for easier application. Wait for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water, then use cool water to shrink the pores.

Babanana face mask is recommended for normal skin type, because it brightens up the skin. I love how my skin feels after each application, skin becomes really soft and moist! I'm going to use it continuously for the brightening result, so far it helps to reduce redness and acne scar from my skin.
I'd love to try more of their face mask, since it has became one of my favourite! I also like the mild milky-banana scent. Store the mask in your fridge or cool room at all times, and use 2-3 times a week.

Since it's natural and totally affordable (only IDR 75,000), I'd recommend this for anyone who has skin discolouration, acne scaring, and redness problems. For other skin types/problems, should you consult it with Moist directly.

Coffee Licious Face Scrub

If you love the scent of coffee, then I'm sure you'll love this face scrub. I tried it on my cousin and he loved it! :) The form is pretty much the same with the face mask, it's in powder form where you have to add water in it. Only use one table spoon of face scrub and add it with water. I tried to add as much as face scrub and less water, but it won't turn into paste form as instructed on the the bottle and I'm not sure why, so keep in mind not to use too much water.

As you combine the face scrub and water, massage your face with it using your fingers for one minute and leave it be for another 3-5 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm, then cool water.
If I'm not wrong, this face scrub is a newly launched product by Moist, and I personally really like the idea. It gets rid of dead skin cells and black/whiteheads from the skin, leaving the skin texture smooth, soft and of course moist! ;) It doesn't make my skin dry, and I haven't had any skin irritation/problems from using these two products, since they're all natural.

For dry skin, use face scrub once a week, and for normal to oily skin can use it twice a week. Use both of the face scrub and face mask to get healthier skin, and get discount for bundle face mask and face mask only at Moist Natural Skin.

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