Bangkok Day 2: Madame Tussauds & Pratunam

by - July 18, 2015

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It'll take me a very long time for me to finish the BKK travel log. So I'll make it up to you now, I'll share some videos that I took, however don't get your hopes up, they're all taken with my iPhone, so don't expect HD quality videos hehe :)

What we did the first thing in the morning after showering and having breakfast was going to Siam. My youngest sister, Jenny and I went straight ahead to Madame Tussauds, but Gabbie wasn't really interested to take pictures with wax statues, so she strolled around Siam while waiting for us.
A little note: Before you think that I'm a horrible big sister who left my sister all alone, just in case you didn't know, Jenny and I were visiting Gabbie on holiday, since she went to study at Thailand, so we weren't really worried to leave her alone because she's able to speak a little Thai.

Walking out from our hotel to the nearest BTS, it was only a minute walk. When it comes to traveling, I always book hotel has great access to public transportations. And I rarely use taxi, especially when we travel with our parents, because the taxi won't fit for the 5 of us anyway.

Arrived at Siam, and we split up with Gabbie after this. You can buy the ticket at the counter, and as far as I know they also sell it online and offer some discounts.

We took hundreds of pictures there, mostly funny ones that aren't appropriate to be posted here hahaha. So here are some of them!
Ha! We love to use all the props there. It's just too much fun.
Fangirling HAHAHA. Please don't tell her I posted her pictures here. She'd literally kill me.
Was excited to take pics with Captain haha, and also Wolverine :D
And the inner child of me was happy to find Hello Kitty.
As a cantonese descent, of course I had to take a pic with the famous Jackie Chan!
A statue of Madame Tussauds herself! Would love to go to other branches :)


Tom Ford sunnies, Cloth Inc skort, DressV bag, Flatsoever shoes

After hundreds of photos at Madame Tussauds, Jenny and I met up with Gabbie. We headed to MBK for lunch and a little bit of shopping.
When in Bangkok, drink coconut juice, orange juice, lime juice all the time!

To MBK we go
Our lunch before we're going shopping at Pratunam/Platinum.

At this point, my sisters were too exhausted to shop. So they spent most of the time sitting on a bench rather than accompanying me! They're not used to walk too much, we Indonesians are too spoiled, we drive around everywhere and rarely walk, or maybe it's just us haha.

Bought some street food to accompany us back to hotel.
These are the things we bought together, most of them are mine hahahah. I got tons of dresses, skirts, shorts. I'd definitely buy more if only the dresses are in my size! Mostly they're all too short for me, actually I can wear them when I'm overseas, but definitely not Jakarta. Jenny got new backpack and Bart sweater, she didn't get as many as I did, but she shopped a lot at Chatuchak Market (Day 4), and that is another story in another post :)

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