Why We Should Stop #DontJudgeChallenge

by - July 22, 2015

Anyone who likes to surf online must have known already about the #DontJudgeChallenge that has been going viral all over the internet for the past month, especially Instagram, Twitter and Vine. It's a challenge where people post videos or photos of themselves with drawn freckles, acne, mole, uni-brow, big lips, missing teeth, and other physical features (before). Then reveal their flawless faces with heavy makeup (after).

Many people didn't really get the point of this challenge, and they just do it for fun. This challenge began to trend after a beauty blogger/vlogger, Em Ford (My Pale Skin) posted a video sharing her story about how people called her ugly and disgusting when she posted her photos without makeup on social medias. When she posted her pictures with makeup on, people commented that she wore too much makeup, that it looks gross, false advertising and so much more. She just wanted to share that people will say bad things about you no matter what, and don't compare yourselves to unrealistic beauty standards.

On the other hand, this challenge totally backfires.

So many people transforming from what they think ugly into goodlooking. It's pretty much like we label freckles, acne, mole, unibrow, big lips, missing tooth as 'ugly', but we call it 'don't judge' where in fact, we do judge. The ones who have done this challenge don't have acne, mole, unibrow, or missing teeth, but don't you know that there's people out there who does? And how do you think they feel when they watch all these stupid videos?

Some people were born that way. We don't have to make them feel insecure about themselves. They all have feelings. So should we.

We don't have to follow all the trends, stop #DontJudgeChallenge

Believe in yourself, and never let anyone tell you're not beautiful - not even yourself. - Em Ford

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  1. Bener banget kak Jes. Tambah kesini banyak video yang ngelantur. Seakan-akan mereka malah mengejek in my opinion. Kalo diterusin nanti lama-lama kaya Ice Bucket Challenge. We should stop this trend :/


    1. Ini bener banget.. lama-lama jadi kaya ice bucket challenge, cuma dilakukan just for fun.
      Glad that we have the same thoughts! :)

  2. Malu jess gue baca ne... hiksss secara pernah ikut2 an aja bikin video dont judge challenge upload di sosmed .. biar kekinian gitu niat hati... thx artikel nya membuka hati n mata ku hehhehe..stop dont judge challenge...

    1. I'm just sharing my two cents kok.. Kebanyakan memang banyak yang gak tau asal muasal pembuatan challenge ini.. Gak bermaksud menyinggung sama yang pernah buat videonya, tapi alangkah lebih baik kalau mengerti background dibalik #DontJudgeChallenge hehee :)


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