Review: LUX White Impress Collection

by - May 08, 2015

Hey honey buns! I'm really sorry for the lack of update this past week, I got internet connection problem, thus I couldn't post anything :(. Moving on, I got new products to try out this month of May!

I'm not sure if you guys have heard about these products or not, because they're just newly launched. I was really excited when I got a chance to try LUX White Impress Collection. Truth be told, this is not the first whitening body wash in the market, I've tried several brands and I wasn't impressed that much. And the reason why I was so intrigued by LUX White Impress Collection is because they launched not only Whitening Body Wash but also Whitening Shower Serum!

I decided to try it out the day I got them haha, I was excited to try the shower serum because I never tried any before. So this shower serum is completely new for me too!

LUX Whitening Body Wash

What it claims:
Lux White Impress for beautiful whitening in a body wash from the skin experts. This unique formula, with triple-action-system, helps create an overall white radiant look. Exfoliation with microcrystals to gently remove dull skin to reveal a radiant look. Whitens skin with mulberry extract. Moisturizes with luscious honey to replenish your skin's moisture.

The color of the body wash is white, the texture of the body wash is creamy, not too thick and not too watery. I recommend you to use loofah for this body wash to create more bubbly foam. I'm not really fond of the scent actually, it claims to be crafted from the world's best perfume but it smells like berries to me haha. But the smell doesn't last really long, so it's not an issue for me.

LUX Whitening Shower Serum

This is the product that I'm interested the most! I suggest you to use LUX White Impress body wash or body soap to get better result. The consistency of the shower serum is thicker than the body soap, and the color is pink. It smells so good and lasts for a long time, you'll feel like just bathed in milk! :D I don't really like the body soap scent, so I'm glad the shower serum covers its scent.

What it claims:
Whitening Shower SerumLuxWhite Impress Radiant and flawless skin with new innovation of Whitening Shower Serum "Lux" is ready for you to experience the unparalleled bathing experience.

How to use:
Wash your body with LUX White Impress body wash or body soap, then rinse off. Apply LUX White Impress Shower Serum all over the skin, then rinse it off again.

The shower serum gives an immediate brightening result. It absorbs into the skin really well, and gives my skin a fairer and pinkish tone. It doesn't really take much time to do it in the shower as well. So I'm glad that I try it out! I will keep using both of the products to brighten up my skin :) I'm impressed by Shower Serum innovation by LUX, so good job! Recommended for everyone who seeks for fairer and brighter skin.

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  1. I have a question, the shower serum claims that rinsing is a must after the serum application, but what if I just applied it like the other regular serum without rinsing? do you think it would be fine? thanks xoxo

  2. Is the serum available in watsons?

    1. supposedly yes..
      if not available, you can check guardian also :)

  3. Hi how can import these products to South Africa


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