Review: Beaute Recipe Rose Bath Set

by - May 12, 2015

I think it's really safe to say that everyone wants to smell good, am I right? And after all these years, I've found that not only perfume that can help you with that issue. I know that using only shower gel to keep you smell good is kind of unpopular idea. Well that's simply because you need more than shower gel to make the scent last longer, in this case use bubble bath or lotion with the same fragrance as the shower gel.

Rose Bath Set! So cute!
Like the one that I have here, Beaute Recipe Rose Bath Set from Copia Indonesia! This set comes in three connected bottles with diamond cap on top. The set consists of Rose Shower Gel, Rose Body Lotion, and Rose Bubble Bath. Before I tried it out, I thought I wouldn't like the scent at all, because rose scent is too flowery and somehow feel old (or mature? haha), but I was wrong because the scent is actually sweet and refreshing! :)

Using the Rose Body Lotion
Shower Gel: Apply directly on a body sponge/loofah to use the shower gel
Body Lotion: Massage a small amount of the rich lotion onto dry skin
Bubble Bath: Apply a small amount in your tub for a wonderful scented bath

I suggest you to use loofah when you're using the shower gel to help create more foams. And use the body lotion after shower/bath to keep your skin moisturised, supple, soft and smells like roses ;)

And because the packaging is super cute, I think it's also great as a gift! Who doesn't like cutesy beauty products anyway? I literally squeaked a little when I received this set :p it's too cute! It's perfect as a gift for your mom, sister, friend, girlfriend, or for yourself ;)

Copia Indonesia is currently having a promotion for Beaute Recipe Rose Bath Set (IDR 150,000 consist of 3 products @ 150ml), so make sure to drop by at Copia beauty store!

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