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by - May 10, 2015

Super short lashes
As Chinese descent, I'm not blessed with naturally long, thick eyelashes. My lashes are short, straight and sparse, and I have to use very specific brands/types of mascara to get longer, curled, fuller lashes. But I have no time to wear mascara every single day, it'll take me like 2 minutes to apply mascara, because I have to layer them for at least 2 coats. Not to mention I have to use waterproof mascara, because I live in hot and humid place, to keep the mascara from smudging. And truth be told, waterproof mascara isn't good for your lashes, and it's kinda hard to remove, sometimes my lashes just fall off when I remove the mascara with eye make up remover :(

My straight lashes
Sparse eyelashes
Using fake eyelashes is the best option for me, but I don't wear fake lashes every day to work, it looks so obvious and not natural at all. Wearing fake lashes for parties/hanging our is okay, but wearing fake lashes everyday is too much, at least for me.

So I decided to get eyelash extension at Blink Beauty.

Blink Beauty
Jl Daksa 4. No 69
Senopati, Jakarta Selatan

This is my first time getting eyelash extension, so I chose 10mm and 11mm length so it will look natural on me. I also asked to get the 11mm extension to be placed in the middle part of my eyes, so my eyes will look bigger and rounder. I wanted to use 10mm and 12mm at first, but they ran out of 12mm, so I used 11mm instead :(

Start from the outer part
Half done
This looks too natural on me, and doesn't make big difference, I told them I wanted it fuller, and they got it done for me!!

Fuller, longer, and also curled!
I was super happy to see the final result! They're super comfortable, I don't notice the difference at all! It's like a dream come true to have full, long and curled lashes like this! I can't stop using the exclamation marks because I'm too excited! Forgive me! :D

I love it!
It looks so much better in person, trust me! And looks extremely natural, because it's not strip, the apply the extension one by one, and it'll last 2-4 weeks. It's been the third week now when I'm writing this, and some parts of the extension had shed (usually shed 2 hairs per day), but the inner corner of my right eyes has shed a lot because I rubbed my eyes :( if I didn't rubbed my eyes (my right eye was irritated, so I touched it constantly), I'd still have 80-90% of it!

It looks good from different angles ;)
In my opinion, it lasts for a long time. However you need to touch up for every 2 weeks or so, or if you think it's needed. You can't rub your eyes, curl your lashes with eyelash curler and apply mascara. But, duh?! Who needs eyelash curler and mascara when you have full, long and curled lashes already? I don't use eyeliner anymore because the eyelash extension gives an illusion of eyeliner.

Super comfortable!
As you can see on the picture above, it looks like I put eyeliner on. I didn't use any eye makeup that day, so you could totally see the difference! :D

Some visible missing parts because I rubbed my eye :(
This is how it looks after a week. If I didn't have any eye irritation or whatsoever, the lashes would still be 95% because they don't shed easily. As you can see on my left eye, which still look full :)

It's still curled!
The extension really holds the curl very well until now (3rd week). If you have budget for beauty, I totally recommend you to do eyelash extension, so you won't have to worry about curling and applying mascara every morning. I suggest to do touch up every 2-3 weeks to keep the eyelash extension in good shape.

Here's a quick video showing you how it's done. It takes only 30-60 minutes for full extension, and 20-30 minutes for touch up.

Blink Beauty
Jl Daksa 4. No 69
Senopati, Jakarta Selatan

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  1. Where exactly this place is?
    I got Groupon voucher from my friend to get my eyelash done at this place and i'm a bit anxious about the result. Seeing your result is somewhat reliving though *fiuh* Looks good!

    1. The place is a bit hard to find, instead of searching for Blink Beauty, you should search for "Syena Martial Arts Center" (they share the same venue).
      The result is quite good though :) I hope you like yours!


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