Review: Strawberry Shower & Body Lotion Set

by - May 20, 2015

Another cute set from Copia Indonesia!
I'm always spoiled by Copia Beauty Store and their amazing products. They have wide selection of products from all over Asia, from head to toe you name it! They have everything you need, sometimes it's something that you don't think of. So I've been trying this Strawberry Shower & Body Lotion Set that comes in ice cream cone packaging! 8-O

Hahaha, they don't only look good on the packaging, but also smell good too. If you like fruity scent, then this Strawberry set is perfect for you, the scent is so sweet and refreshing.

Use the shower gel to turn your body squeaky clean, then use the body lotion to moisturise your body. It's 160ml each and they're sold at IDR 160,000 as a set, so I think it's a decent price.

Want some?
Though the cute ice cream cone packaging is the biggest advantage from this set, it's also a trouble for me, because I need to pour the shower gel/lotion directly from the cap and sometimes it spills out too much. Somehow I wish it comes in pump bottle, but because the set is too cute I have to bear with it hahaha.

Using the body lotion
I recommend this Strawberry Shower & Body Lotion Set for anyone who spends so much time in room with air-con, because the skin tends to be dry. Make sure not only use the shower gel, but also the body lotion to keep skin moisturised! :)

Ongoing promotion
Copia Beauty Store is currently having an ongoing promotion for this Strawberry set. A perfect gift for your friends or family! So make sure to visit their store ;)

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