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It's the 4th week of my #LUCYS challenge! I've been using Kiehl's products for a whole month, and here is my thought about them... (LUCYS: Let Us Change Your Skin)

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My skin problems are acne scars, dark spots hyper pigmentation, so the KCR recommended me to use the Clearly Corrective White range to even out my skin tone and clarify my skin! :)

I update on my twitter, instagram and also facebook more about this challenge, about new products that I tried out and one day some of my close friends asked me whether I was worried about damaging the skin because I change my skincare so often, so I figured some of you might think the same way too.

So here is the answer...
Firstly, my answer is no. I don't change my skincare regularly, I always stick to my skincare products. So this is the first time I change my whole skin care routine. Some people must think that this is a pretty BIG step, because I have to change all my regimen to new products, but I don't really worry though, since I was also using Kiehl's products in the first place, I used the Ultra Facial Oil-Free products for my oily skin. Plus it's not a new brand, Kiehl's is one of the trusted skincare brands for me, other than my favorite skincare brand!

I got seven products to try out in total, from cleanser-exfoliator-toner-eye cream-toner-moisturizer-bb cream and I love 'em all! I can see the difference that the products give within days, but since I don't want to make you bored to see 30 photos of my skin day by day, I took weekly photos so you can see the progress by yourself.

Area with the most problems are my cheeks and jawline, so I have some pictures of my right and left face. See the pictures by yourself, you be the judge!
(There's no picture editing or whatsoever!)



I know they're not like the perfect skin right now, but you can see that my skin is a lot BETTER now, right? I'm impressed to see a big difference just in a month! I never had any problem using all the products and I'm going to continue using all the products to improve my skin clarity :)

If you've been asking 'How to get rid of acne scars?' or 'How to even out skin complexion?' then these products are the answer to your problem.

And here are side-by-side photos so you can see the progress easier:



Some redness are so stubborn, they're still there for the whole month HAHAHA, but at least they're fading! But most of the acne scars and redness are almost gone! These products are so great, I am so glad I joined #LUCYS challenge. I used to spend so much time concealing my acne scars while doing my make up :( ...but not anymore!! :D

Kiehl's is so generous for giving free samples, did you know that Kiehl's gave away more that 12 million samples a year? How cool is that!? There's always chance for all of us to try Kiehl's products! :)

You can get free consultation and free samples to try out!
So are you ready to accept the challenge?

This is my first time talking a lot in video, because I mentioned 9 products (8 of them are from Kiehl's). If you want an in-depth review for some products that I mentioned, please let me know :)

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