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I have a confession to make... I can't have enough black shoes. Well, actually I can't have enough shoes in general... Hash tag: girls problem. Black shoes are essential for me, I can wear them anywhere, at anytime, they go with any different color, you can pair them with white outfits, black outfits or colored ones! So every time I find black shoes that fit my feet very well, I buy them right away!!

So there's a lil story behind my new babies....
I've been searching for a pair of black platform but I couldn't find those who are comfortable until I surfed through DressV and found a gorgeous pair! So I actually wanted to share some looks of how I style my new Mary Jane, but today was soooo hot and humid, I couldn't stand it and I ended up with only two looks :-/


Since today was so hot, I wore this sheer top with black lace bandeau that I got from H&M, and pair it with my white Esprit straight pants for a clean look.

I love online shopping, because I don't have much time to walk from store to store to get some pieces that I want. I can shop dresses, shoes, bags, accessories or anything I want directly from a website, it's more convenient and easy. So I actually was surfing for dresses at DressV, because they sell wedding dresses, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, special occasion dresses, well actually they sell all kind of beautiful dresses in affordable price. Then I surfed through tiaras, veils, bags, jewelries, planning my own wedding in my mind lol, I was just being prepared you know, what if suddenly someone asked me to marry him... like who knows? HAHAHAH. Just kidding, I was checking on their shoes collection, then I found these babies... Click. I ordered them.

I added red belt to add some color on my outfits, pair it with the red soles.
Don't you love red soles? They look so elegant in my opinion :)

Alright, back to my shopping experience... I was so amazed by how fast the delivery was! It only took 6 days after I completed the payment, then these shoes were arrived safely at my house without a single scratch. The shoes are well made and comfortable! I'm in love *_*

Showing off the red soles heheh

Overall, I'm impressed by the quality of the shoes, it's only $27.99 (market price $89.00)! You can check here if you want. Or you can browse for other beautiful dresses at DressV.

What is your favorite shoes color?

♡ J E S S ♡

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