[CLOSED] YOU ARE INVITED! (Kiehl's Beauty Event)

by - May 16, 2014

Hello there!
Have you ever wondering what it be like to attend beauty events like, ahem, me, or other beauty bloggers, where we can learn more about beauty, meet the others who have the same interest as you, take selfies together and share it on instagram, get free products to try out. Now is your chance to experience THAT!! This event is open for anyone who is interested in beauty and skincare, because there will be sharing session where we learn how to have clearer and brighter looking skin, plus you can get free skin consultation with the KCR!

However, even though this event is open for public (meaning: you don't have to be a beauty blogger to join this event), please make a RSVP first, because you will get free goodie bag if you attend the event. Send me your name, mobile phone no., and email address to my email directly jessicajeannesimon@hotmail.com latest by 31st May 2014. So make sure that you're available on Saturday, 7th June, and if you want to bring your friend(s), make sure they send their RSVP to me so they will get goodie bags as well :)

Basically in this event I will be sharing my experience using Kiehl's for a month during the #LUCYS Challenge with other beauty bloggers, if you haven't read my posts about LUCYS please read them first: week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4. So you can ask me about the progress or products, I'll also share my beauty tips, and we can meet up, have fun and take lots of photos together!! :D

If you didn't know which products to get, the KCR will help and guide you, and I'll also be glad to help, because I've been using plenty of Kiehl's products for quite a while now. So yeah, I'm sure you will get plenty of knowledge and experience in this event, so make sure to come alright ;)

 J E S S I E 

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  1. waaaaaa !!!
    thank you for the invitation..
    see you soon at event !!! :*


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