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No, I'm not sponsored by Vaseline. But I wish I was, see pic above, they're just few Vaseline products that I have, I have more of them actually. Vaseline products are all affordable, and really easy to find, I always get one or two every time I go to drugstore, I think that's why I have so many of their products. But today is not the day where I review all of Vaseline products, I just want to remind you that your skin also needs love, sometimes I only care about my facial skin and neglect my body skin.

I'm uploading this pic to show you there are so many types of body lotion, even they came from the same brand! Some body lotions will lighten up your skin tone, some that you have to use at night, some that you have to use before go out, etc etc.

Protect your skin daily, especially when you're going to do outdoor activities, and make sure to do it correctly, or it won't work out. Prevent sun damage to your skin, we don't want premature aging, sunburnt or the worse is skin cancer.

Here are the best way to apply sunscreen/sunblock:

1. Apply sunscreen or sunblock before you go outside, because the sunscreen needs time to absorb to your skin and works out, apply it about 20-30 minutes before you go out.

2. Apply thick layer of sunblock to your skin

3. Use sunscreen with at least SPF 30

4. Use sunblock daily, because sun's UV ray can pass through clouds, your car's window, and also your clothes. Even you don't do outdoor activities, you still get that sun's UV ray while you're getting into or out of your car, or while you're going to bus station and stuffs like that.

5. Reapply sunscreen every 90 minutes, so make sure to have a travel size sunscreen in your bag!

Love your skin, and your skin will thank you.

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  1. Wooow produk vaselin kk lengkap banget ya :)

    Aku juga suka pake vaselin.. Bersahabat dikatong juga hihihi..

  2. Hi Jessica!
    When I go to drugstore, I always hesitate to buy Vaseline lotions! I should take one to try next time :) But there are so many choices. Do you have any recommendation for dry skin?

    1. I recommend the "Total Moisture Nourishing Serum"! I love it because its not sticky at all! :)


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