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It's another Liese bubble hair color review! Yes, I have ever reviewed Liese bubble hair color in Cassis Berry, you can check it here! But today, I'm going to review other color, its the Milk Tea Brown! I bought it in Sasa when I was in Johor Bahru the other day, they're so cheeeaaaap, I bought it for only RM 38.00 (around USD 10.00) when I usually buy them for about USD 15.00 in Jakarta, and I believe that Liese bubble hair color is not sold in any store at Jakarta, because we don't have Sasa here, so I buy them online.
The reason why I bought this color is because I always wanted to try a lighter hair color, not so light, just a lil bit lighter than my actual hair color, which is black. The problem with black hair is you can't expect your hair will be in the exact shade in the color chart. So even if I go with the lightest brown hair-dye, I will end up with dark brown hair.
I was pretty impressed with the result of my latest Liese bubble hair color, that's why I just stick with Liese and didn't buy any other brand that also sell bubble hair-dye, and put my faith on this Liese hair dye. I love how the color was so even on my hair, even I have pretty long and thick hair, and I used one box only!
These are the things that you will get in the box, a paper of instruction how to do it by yourself, written in many languages, added with pictures. The bottle no. 1 (the black bottle) contains the hair dye liquid, you have to pour the liquid into bottle no. 2 (the clear bottle), you will also get hair treatment pack (behind bottle no. 2), use it after you wash your hair.
These are the bottles!
Pour, pour, pour!
(and please excuse my chapped nails..)
You can see there's white and brown liquid in the bottle, but they're not mixed yet. Alright, now, place the white cap back, and start to flip the bottle up and down for five times.
Flip the bottle down, and flip it up again. Make sure to do it gently, don't do it harshly.. Just do it with your heart lol.
Now you can see that the liquid is finally mixed! Then replace the white cap with the pink cap! The hair dye is now ready to use. Just pump the bottle, and the bubble/foam will come out.
The bubble! :)


The only thing that I was afraid of, before I dye my hair is.. I dyed my hair couple months ago, with different shade, so its not my virgin hair that I was going to dye, and I didn't bleach my hair either. So I doubted that this hair dye would work evenly..

Before coloring.
Before coloring. This is the color from Liese: Cassis Berry.
 After coloring. So this is the result!!
Again, I'm so impressed with the color. The color is even from the roots to the ends. I'm looking forward to try other colors from this brand! :)

Rating: 4/5
Price: $$$$$
Repurchase: Yup

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  1. I didn't know this hair dye. Is one package enough for long hair, or you'll need two of this?

    1. Liese is pretty popular in Asia :)
      I used one box only for my long and thick hair

  2. Hi, I'm also from Jakarta, Indonesia! :)

    I've seen this sold around in Watsons & Guardians but I've always been too scared to try it out because the last time I used an at-home DIY hair dye it came out horrible.

    I followed your blog by the way! Check out and follow back mine? <3

    1. Hi Gisella! :)

      Seriously you find this in watsons & guardians??? Ive found some other brands sold in jakarta, but I've never found Liese :(
      Have you ever tried any bubble hair-dye? its easier to use than the usual hair dye!! :D

      I've followed you back! <3

  3. Have always wanted to color my hair, but never had the guts to do it. Such a lovely color, not too dramatic, hmmm.. Should I color? >w<

    1. For asian black hair, even the lightest shade of brown will still look dark brown (without bleaching).... so it won't be super light! so you may try coloring your hair, i would love to see!! <3

  4. hello, i want to know where do you buy this liese bubble hair color ?
    thanks :)


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