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Hello! Sorry for no updates in the past week, I went to some places with my beloved family (and also Franklin, the Miniature Schnauzer) for vacation, I love how we (the children; me and my sisters) are all grown up, and even my parents are busy with business, but we can still manage some time to spend our family time together.

But that means I have load of posts coming up, many reviews, tutorials and stuffs! ;)
Today's review is about the NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss, yes you may have heard of this lip gloss, and maybe you also own some of them,  so recently I bought the 'Kiss The Stars' set (LGSET01), it contains three lip glosses: LG101A - Sugar Pie, LG129 - Beige, and LG122 - Natural.
All the colors are great for everyday, all of them are neutral colors. The Sugar Pie is the one on top, nude-light beige color with sparkles. Beige is the one in the middle, which is not even beige, it looks pink in the tube, but it will look nude-pink when you apply it on your lips. And the last one is my favorite, Natural looks a bit scary (because it looks dark brown) in the tube, but it is the best 'My Lips But Better' lip gloss I have ever tried. You can wear the lip gloss alone on your lips, or you can top off your lipstick with the gloss. For the opacity, Sugar Pie doesn't do a really good job, because the color is light, you cannot do much with the color, but it will work amazing if you top it off after your lipstick, it has sparkles, but not too much, great as 3D effect lip gloss. For Beige and Natural, you can wear the lip gloss alone, because the color payoff is great and they're also buildable.

Here are the swatches:
(without flash)

(with flash)

Swatches on my lips:
(bare lips)

(Sugar Pie - without flash)

(Sugar Pie - with flash)

(Beige - without flash)

(Beige - with flash)

(Natural - without flash)

(Natural - with flash)

Later, I found that Natural is pretty similar with my The Skin Food: Choco Smoky Lip Color minus the glossy look. The Choco Smoky Lip Color has a lot better fragrant, which is chocolate! And the NYX mega shine lip gloss has sweet scent, which I don't like, but the smell goes away quickly though, so I don't really mind. The most amazing thing about this lip gloss is that it doesn't make my lips dry, while most of lip glosses do. Love it!

Rating: ★★★★
Size: 10ml each
Price: $$$$$
Repurchase: Yes

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  1. You got so many nice shade ! But I am not really into gloss... =)

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  2. The natural shade looks definitely scary in the tube but it turn out pretty on your lips!

    1. I know right!! i was also scared at first, but turns out i love it the most <3


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