by - January 10, 2012

I've been loving Korean cosmetic brands lately, because they have lovely packaging and they are really easy to find (in Jakarta, you can find them at any mall!). I've tried some of products and I'm going to review this BB Cream that I've been using this BB Cream for couple months, Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream. This BB cream is perfect for oily/combination skin.

It claims to have triple function: whitening, UV protecting SPF25 pa++, and wrinkle free. And personally, I think this is a really good product, I don't need to layer my skincare with sun block in the morning, because this BB cream has UV protecting already. Moreover, it can whitened my skin (which I like), and yes my face has been brighter (a little). And yay to the wrinkle free function, its a lot better to prevent than cure it, right ladies? What I like the most is the pump! It makes it easy to use.

The texture is really easy to blend. It has pretty good coverage, without making my face look cakey at all. It has weird scent, but I don't really mind since it doesn't have a really strong smell and only stands for a couple minutes. But as you can see at the picture above, it gives pinky-grayish finish, thats why some people doesn't really like it, because you cannot choose the shade. I usually wait for some minutes so my skin can absorb the bb cream before settle my face with powder.

So far this is my favorite bb cream, so I recommend you to try this BB cream, especially if you have oily skin like me, then you will understand why many people rave this product! A pump or two is enough, depends on how much coverage you need. And if you want to buy this online, please be careful of the fake ones, because there are many fake Skin79 bb creams. It'd be better if you buy it at Skin79 outlets directly.

Rating: 4/5
Price: $$$$$
Size: 40ml (also comes in 20ml)
Repurchase: Yes

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  1. the bb cream looks good. thanks for the review :)
    I am afraid of getting the fake one from the online shop. geez

  2. i like this bb cream, not make my face look cakey but it look ashy after 1hr.. *sigh*

  3. i like this bb cream too, not cakey but my face look ashy after 1 hr. *sigh*

    1. haha thats why i only use half pump, bcs i dont want to look grey -_-

  4. Hi this product was my wishlist .. but it looks too light for my skintone so i decide won't buy it. by the way it's better to buy it online because it way cheaper .. i heard that it only 15$ exclude shipping :D

    1. @vicky: yeah its cheaper to buy it online, but there are many fake of this product, so i prefer to pay more than risking my skin :p

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