by - January 03, 2012

Hey, how ya'll doing? I cannot say I'm having a good day, I've been skipping classes since yesterday. Can't help it if you're the only one who needs to go to school/college in the house. Both my little sisters are still in their own holiday. (Am I just envy or lazy? Ahh you guess.)

Well,  I'll skip the blabbering now, and start the review. So, I've been using this hair vitamin for couple of months, my boyfie bought this for me when I just got a haircut. Did he think my hair need better care or what? Haha, but I thank him for bought me this fancy stuff, because my hair is so dry, I always get hair rebonding ever since I was in junior high school until high school, and I was a straightener-iron freak. I have damage hair, plus I start to dye my hair when I went to college. So my hair has been damaged since I was in junior high school. I always try to hair-mask thingy every two weeks, but seems like I don't have much time to go to salon everytime.

I used to use hair vitamin or hair serum which package in capsules. But I hate the oily finish texture in my hair and my hands to apply it. And I don't like the smell and its not handy at all.

That's why I'm amused to get a new hair vitamin to replace my old ones! No capsules anymore yay! Spray is all you have to do. And also yay for the honey scent which I loveee very much. So everything is a lot simpler when this stuff's around. Everytime after I wash my hair, before using straightener/curling iron or when I want a fresh hair scent, I always rely on this product.

What it says: Makarizo MK3 Refresh Rebonding Multi Vitamin Spray. 4 fantastic vitamins of A, C, E & K1 blend together to give power to hair by nourishing, restoring dry or damaged hair and split-ends, and promoting hair shine and softness.

Application: Before styling or during straightening/rebonding process, spray it onto hair. No rinsing out.

Rating: 3/5
Price: around IDR 100.000 (USD 10.75)
Size: 110ml
Repurchase: Yes, and I hope Makarizo has different scents for this vitamins spray (I wish to try something new)

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