by - January 06, 2012

Many many many tasks are screaming to me now, they want me to do them as soon as possible. But sometimes I'm just the laziest person on earth, don't care about anything and just want to have fun, or sometimes I just want to be alone. I love to be alone, do something people think unimportant from day to night, not thinking about anything, well I'm pretty sure I'm having a good time with my self. And then come back to the reality the next day, do all the tasks just in one day, not a bad time though, sometimes I love being busy, doing all the things perfectly, and you will hear me say, "Just in time!" at the end of the (busy) day.

Its only 8:30 pm at the moment when I'm typing this, but I'm extremely exhausted. I do not even know why I get tired easily these days (is it a Back-To-College effect?). I think its because yesterday and the day before, I went to some malls with my friends after classes, and come back home midnight. I'm so sleepless, can't help it.

But I have this cream, one of my The Body Shop treats. Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream.

What says:
This oil-free, gel-like moisture cream is easily absorbed and perfect for combination skin.
Moisturises dry areas
Balances excess sebum
Gives a matte, shine-free complexion

How to use this product:
Apply to the face and neck after cleansing and toning, using your fingertips.

Works good on my oily skin after I combine with my The Body Shop: Tea Tree Facial Wash and this cream gives a matte look finish! I like the gel-like type and I also love the scent, it must be the best The Body Shop's skincare product's scent, very soothing. This cream absorb skin very fast. Unfortunately it doesn't give such amazing difference before I use this cream, I use this cream in the morning before go to college, then my T-zone becomes oily in the afternoon. It's a really light moisturizer, not really recommended for oily type skin, but it may be good to combination type skin.

Rating: 3/5
Price: IDR 129.000 (USD 13.90)
Size: 50ml
Repurchase: Maybe (if I can't find any better day cream)

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  1. Well, Jessie, if you like to be alone, then you must be an introvert like me! Introverts usually are better with writing than speaking. *sok tau mode*

    Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog and leave a nice comment there. I hope you'll visit again soon! ^_^

    Happy New Year!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  2. I've been planning to try this moisturizer for my combination skin, I actually want to buy it within this month as I almost empty my current daily moisturizer.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and it's really nice to know about your blog! :)


  3. @LeeAnne
    youre absolutely right, i can write about anything, but pretty shy to talk in public hihi. thanks for your visit hun!

    thank you hun :)

  4. I used to be faithful to this moisturizer last year. :) But I switched to other brand.

    Actually I love this Seaweed Day Cream, it's very light and after using, my skin felt supple but mattified.

    I love your blog! Especially with this simple layout. And btw, the last photo of this cream is great. I like that photography result, haha. :) Good angle, nice capture...


  5. @ningrum
    ive visited your blog too, and i love yours as well :D
    thanks for the compliment hihi :p


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