Where Do I Get My Hair Treated, Cut, and Coloured?

Us girls like to pamper ourselves from time to time, and so do I! I usually get my hair treated on weekends when I'm free. And lately I've been going back and forth to this particular place to keep my hair in its best condition, Irwan Team Hair Design.

I'm the type of person who don't like people messing with my hair, because hair is magical for me. Hair is everything, you change one thing about your hair, and it definitely changes your whole damn look. And that's why I only trust my hair in the hands of professionals, because if I want a change, I better get a good change.
 For my hair and scalp, I usually get the Kerastase treatment, you can actually get either one of them, but as perfectionist as I already am, I prefer to get both treated and maintained. Besides, I'd get a relaxing hot stone massage for my legs, feet, hand, shoulder, and back.
 I do this treatment at least once a month to get the best result. Definitely recommended for anyone to try it!
Other than that, I also got my hair cut recently by Sugi at Irwan Team Lippo Mall Puri, which is very close to my house! And this was how my hair looks like before, my boring, flat, straight hair. I discussed with the hairstylist before of how I want it a little bit shorter and voluminous, and this is how Sugi came up with:
 I definitely love how it turned out! It's now easier for me to style my hair because it's now layered at the bottom without me having to get rid of my thick hair. The picture above was taken last week when I retouched my hair at Irwan Team PIK Avenue, their newest branch!
 Irwan Team always uses the best products to service their clients, here I used L'Oreal to dye my hair. I love how it looks now, it cancelled out the yellowish tone I had before and make it more brown like how I prefer. As you guys already know, I'm a total old-fashion in hair colour category, I never dare myself to have my hair coloured in other colours but brown.
So what do you think of my hair makeover (haircut + colouring)?

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Liburan Akhir Tahun Yuk!

Hi peeps! Gak terasa kita udah hampir berada di akhir tahun nih, rasanya cepet banget waktu berlalu. Gak terasa bentar lagi Natal dan Tahun Baru! Meski baru bulan November, udah tercium bau-bau liburan gitu ya. Gimana nih guys, udah ada rencana pergi liburan untuk akhir tahun belum?

Emang sih, liburan di high season kaya Lebaran atau Tahun baru itu emang bisa dibilang cukup mahal dibandingkan dengan waktu bepergian lainnya, tapi bukan berarti kita gak bisa menangani masalah itu! Sekarang ini, kita gak perlu cuma bergantung sama bonus atau THR akhir tahun doang buat modal jalan-jalan, nyatanya ada cara lain yang bisa kita lakukan buat dapetin uang tambahan nih.

Pertama-tama, tentukan lokasi traveling kalian dan tentukan jadwal dan budgetnya.

Selanjutnya, coba deh cari barang-barang di rumah yang udah gak pernah dipake lagi selama berbulan-bulan, yang mungkin juga udah gak kita butuhin. Foto barang-barangnya, upload ke OLX buat dijual. Ada jutaan orang yang akan lihat barang yang kamu jual di OLX, dan mereka mungkin lebih membutuhkan barang itu daripada kamu loh!

Ada beberapa orang yang suka kasih barang-barang gak terpakai mereka ke orang-orang yang mereka anggap membutuhkan, orang yang mereka kenal, bisa jadi supir, satpam, atau mbak yang selalu bantu di rumah. Tapi nyatanya, kadang kita gak tau apakah mereka butuh barang itu atau gak. Bukan maksudnya beramal itu buruk sih. Tapi mendapatkan barang secara cuma-cuma dan mendapatkan barang dengan 'usaha' tertentu itu jelas beda, kita tentunya akan lebih menghargai dan menjaga barang yang kita dapatkan dengan cara tertentu dibandingkan dengan yang didapatkan secara gratis, bener gak?

Sebenernya di rumah, aku bukan orang yang paling sering jualin barang gak kepake di OLX, tapi papi aku yang hobi banget upload barang gak kepake buat dijual di OLX haha. Beberapa tahun lalu, aku yang ajarin papi cara jual barang bekas di OLX (bahkan waktu namanya masih TokoBagus!), dan banyak banget barang yang laku, sampe akhirnya si papi ketagihan jual barang di OLX (sampe sekarang gengs).

Nah, dari uang penjualan barang yang terkumpul bisa kita pake buat jalan-jalan akhir tahun. Mudah banget kan ngumpulin uang sesuai budget traveling yang kita perlukan, sekaligus memperbanyak ruang kosong di rumah kan?

Buat kalian yang gak kemana-mana, yuk kita beres-beres rumah, biar ketemu 'harta karun'! Siapa tahu banyak barang-barang gak terpakai yang bisa dijual di OLX! Jangan lupa cantumin hashtag #BekasiJadiLiburan buat dapet point yang bisa kamu kumpulin biar dapet kesempatan liburan gratis ke Singapore. Kesempatan ini bisa dimenangkan oleh 8 orang, buat dapetin tiket pulang pergi Jakarta-Singapore, plus uang saku! Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, cek aja di http://bekasjadiliburan.id/

Sedikit tips dari aku, kumpulin poin sebanyak-banyaknya biar bisa punya kesempatan menang yang lebih besar, gini nih caranya:
  1. Pasang iklan sebanyak-banyaknya di OLX, dan jangan lupa buat pasang hashtag #BekasJadiLiburan (1 point setiap iklan)
  2. Pakaikan fitur promosi di iklan yang kamu pasang (1 point setiap fitur yang digunakan)
  3. Di beberapa hari tertentu, bakal ada double point untuk kategori tertentu juga loh! Jadi cek terus social media OLX, pasang iklan dengan kategori yang sesuai buat dapet double point! (2 point setiap iklan)
  4. Dan buat kalian yang belum pernah coba jualan di OLX, akan ada point tambahan buat yang baru registrasi loh! (2 point)

Yuk mulai jual barang gak terpakai di OLX biar bisa jalan-jalan akhir tahun ini! Jangan lupa pake hashtag #BekasJadiLiburan yaaa~

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Review: theBalm Batter Up Eyeshadow Stick

As you guys have known, I'm a HUGE fan of theBalm. I love all of their products, they never disappoint me. But the best thing about theBalm is their top notch quality and the affordable price! So when I knew that they just released new eyeshadow sticks called Batter Up, I didn't even have to think twice to get them in my hands.
 Batter Up originally comes in 8 different shades, and I got 6 out of 8 to play with.

Batter Up, the long-wearing cream shadow sticks from theBalm Cosmetics! These high-pigment shadow and base multi-taskers come in eight blendable and buildable shades - score! Batter Up is formulated to guarantee you’ve got your winning face on, even after extra innings!

It's sold at USD 17 or around IDR 300,000 a piece.
 The packaging is chic and pretty, like other theBalm's products. and the cap represent the shade which is nice especially if you got couple of products, so you don't need to worry about remembering the shade names or opening each product to find the one you're looking for.

It's a twist up cream crayon, which I appreciate very much, because I hate sharpening my makeup. And remember that you need to shut the lid tightly so it won't dry out.
 From top to bottom:
#01 Night Game, #03 Outfield, #04 Shutout, #06 Dugout, #07 Curveball, #08 Moonshot
 #01 Night Game
Black with blue shimmers
 #03 Outfield
Dark mossy green
 #04 Shutout
Cool bronze
 #06 Dugout
Warm chocolate brown
 #07 Curveball
Light copper
#08 Moonshot
Cool champagne

(with room lighting)
My favourite shades are definitely Moonshot (for inner corner), and Dugout (for all over the lid), but I think Outfield is a very unique colour as well (for waterline).

They're all definitely easy to use, very fool-proof so I would recommend these eyeshadow sticks to beginners. The swatches I did on the pictures above was only one swipe-without primer, so they're definitely creamy, super pigmented, they glide very easily, you can blend it with brush or simply by using your fingers! All the colours blend well with each other, so you can play around and mix all the colours together.

theBalm Batter Up is also long wearing, it lasts me all day, all night, without creasing! If you have oily eyelids like me, you know the struggle when your eyeshadow sliding and smudging at the end of the day. So I've been only using these eyeshadow sticks since it's the easiest way to apply eyeshadow. Lastly, I like how the sticks aren't too big for my Asian eyes, so I could line my eyes easily with it. You have pretty much endless possibilities to work with Batter Up!

And here is one of the look that I created with theBalm Batter Up:
I'm using Moonshot on the inner corner of my eye, Shutout all over my eyelid, and Night Game on the outer part of my eyes to create more dimension.
All I have to do is blend all the colours together with blending brush.
What do you think about this look?

You can get your theBalm Batter Up eyeshadow sticks at:
Debenhams Senayan City
Sogo Plaza Senayan
Sogo Pondok Indah Mall
Metro Pondok Indah Mall
Lotte Shopping Avenue
Seibu Grand Indonesia
Sogo Kelapa Gading
Metro Taman Anggrek
Centro Bintaro

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One Fine Day in Taipei

I haven't even finished my travelogs from my previous tripssss but I'm starting to post a new one. Couple months back I went to Taiwan, and I miss it now, a lot. I miss the people. I miss the food. I miss all the places. I miss the night market. I miss the city. I miss everything I did there. I just wanna go back, so at least let me travel back through these pictures.

I had been planning on my next trips, but now I have to focus on what I have now: work. Seems like an excuse, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Ciao!

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Nike Training Club Tour Jakarta 2016

If you guys still remember, early this year I joined NTC Tour that was also held in Jakarta. That was my first time joining, and boy I would love to sign up for next year!

I'm really sorry that it took quite a long time for me to finally edit and upload the video, though I only got some clips of the activities that we did there. But this is just to give you guys the idea of how it worked, and hopefully you'd be interested to join next year if you hadn't.

That's all, and I hope you all have wonderful day ahead!

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Crème De La Crème

The way to find out about your happiness is to keep your mind on those moments when you really ARE happynot excited, not just thrilled, but deeply happy.
This requires a little bit of self-analysis. What is it that makes you happy? Stay with it, no matter what people tell you. This is what I call, "Following your bliss."
If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you. And the life that you ought to be living, is the one you ARE living. Wherever you are, if you are following your bliss, you are enjoying that refreshment, that life within you, all the time.
When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in the field of your bliss, and they open doors for you. I say, follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be.

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