Health is Real Wealth

I know that it may sound a little bit ridiculous by some people, but I do need to maintain my weight. I might look skinny, but being skinny isn't the same as being healthy. As I grow older, I realise that I spend most of my time working at the office and have no time to exercise, and after years I finally decided to stand up for myself for the better and join a fitness club.
It all started last year, and as I am usually occupied to work on different things at once, have to be from one place to another swiftly, I decided to join Celebrity Fitness - All Club, where I could train on every club available, sweet huh? :)
I also got help from a Personal Trainer (PT), since they know best what to do and the best way to do it. For example, I want to be toned, and one of my major problem (if it's not all of our problem lol) is my tummy. So I got abs workout now and then. Bye flabby tummy~ I surely won't miss you!

Though honestly, the first few months were the worst in my case. Especially when I have some overtime work to do, deal with the traffic, the unbreakable unhealthy lifestyle, etc. So I really recommend you to have some friends to go together with, or having a PT to motivate you. Once this lifestyle has became your daily life, you won't ever regret it.
You do what's best for you. You make your own goal. You work hard for yourself. And trust me, the result worth the all the hard work and the sacrifices you make.

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Glowing Look for Ramadan

As Ramadan is coming up next week, I gotta share this fun event I went to last week. So I was invited by Female Daily to Panasonic Beauty event where I learned how to create glowing look with other beauties, we had so much fun together!
The coolest thing about that event is when we all could experience some beauty devices from Panasonic. Namely this facial ionic steamer that you can use to moisturise and clean your face all at once! The nano-sized particles help to penetrate the skin much easier compared to normal steam.
A make up tutorial was conducted that day.
Can you see her glowing skin even before makeup? She was using the facial steamer beforehand! You could see an immediate result from this device, cool!
And this is the result. Totally in love with this makeup, very natural, not too overdone. Isn't this look perfect for Hari Raya? :)

And we're also taught how to use the hair straightener.
You can control the heat of the hair straightener too.
I used low-medium heat and it's enough to mane my super straight hair :)

I love the fact that I didn't have to burn my hair to get a put together look. I'm totally putting this hair straightener on my wish list!
This is the result. The ceramic layer helps to protect my coloured hair too. So it's safe to be used often.
Thank you Female Daily & Panasonic Beauty for arranging a fun and helpful event. Looking forward for the next one ;)

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Review: Vitacreme B12 Day Cream Sun Protection

It's actually pretty late, since there are lots of reviews about this product already, but I can't help not to review this one! I started using Vitacreme B12 Day Cream Sun Protection last month, it's a good daily sunscreen because it has SPF 30+++ and also UVA & UVB.
Though it is a face product, I use it for my body because I always use BB or CC Cream on my daily basis, and they both have sun protection already, and I don't need another sunscreen for my face.

The packaging is small and sleek, that I can bring this in my bag. Since it's only SPF 30, I have to reapply the product pretty often especially when I'm going out. But trust me, even when you don't get direct sunlight, you still need sunscreen in your life.
The good thing about this sunscreen is it's not sticky, and it doesn't have unpleasant smell like other sunscreen. I know I hate it when my cream products are sticky, especially sunscreen which I need to reapply for every couple hours. And it doesn't leave white cast either, so worry not!
All in all, I think Vitacreme B12 Day Cream Sun Protection is a good sunscreen, if you're looking for non-sticky sun protection. I'm actually curious about spray-on sunscreen though, which I think easier to use, but it's hard to find in Indonesia, so I'll stick to this one until then :)

You could also get this product on Sociolla
(Quote: JSM50 for 50K off!)

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Review: SK-II Facial Treatment Oil

As I grow older, my skin has changed from oily to combination. And these days, I'm suffering with oily T-zone and dry jawline which is frustrating, I blame all the hormones for this. I need something to soothe and moisturise the dryer part of my skin without making my T-zone oilier than it actually is. Believe it or not, I even used two different moisturisers for that purpose, until I tried the SK-II Facial Treatment Oil.
I was really intrigued to try this SK-II newest product, who won't be? It's SK-II, it's from Facial Treatment range, it combines Pitera. All the good stuffs in one product.

If you're not familiar with Pitera:
Back then, sake brewers' wrinkled faces contrasting their soft youthful hands because they were in constant contact during sake fermentation process. They did a research over this miracle, and a beauty revolution come to be known as Pitera that we use on our SK-II products.
Pitera is full of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids that work together to allow the skin's natural surface rejuvenation process to function at its prime. (Source: SK-II)
(You have to shake the bottle before use to mix the oil and Pitera together)

I've heard a lot of things about people who have oily skin should avoid product that contains oil, but I personally never really avoid products containing oil. Sure, oil gives hydration that people with dry skin need, but that doesn't mean those who have oily skin should avoid hydration :)

What is the difference SK-II Facial Treatment Oil with ordinary oil face? The test results show that face oil product consisting of 100% oil cannot provide moisture to the skin as a moisturiser. However, when combined with Pitera oil in certain areas, it can be a great moisturiser. SK-II Facial Treatment Oil is not just oil but it’s Pitera & oil in golden ratio, the specific ratio between Pitera and Oil that is tested and proven to give the most optimum result. And it’s made from natural oil ingredients so it’s really safe to use.
This SK-II Facial Treatment Oil is supposedly used after Facial Treatment Essence, and before cream moisturiser. All you have to do is shake the bottle well to emulsify the Pitera and oil together, take about 5 drops onto your palm, and apply it onto your face. It has a nice fragrant scent, it smells good every time I massage my face.
What I like the most about this oil is how light it is on the skin, and absorb very quickly into the skin. As someone who has oily skin, I hate greasy feeling on my skin, and I must say SK-II Facial Treatment Oil is beyond my expectation, it soothes out the dry part of my skin, without making my T-zone feel greasy or sticky.
I can see an immediate result after using SK-II Facial Treatment Oil for more than a week, it gives the right amount of moisture so the dry patches along my jawline has been getting a lot better now. I won't only recommend this for those who have dry skin, but for everyone who spend most of their time in room with air conditioner. You can get this product at your nearest department stores (Sogo, Metro, Debenhams, Seibu, etc). Try it out, and you'll thank me later ;)
Last but not least, I have a good news for you guys! SK-II and Female Daily is currently doing a 'Review and Win' blogging competition. You could get a chance to win SK-II product set consists of Facial Treatment Essence Pink Butterfly Limited Edition 230ml, Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser 120g, Facial Treatment Mask 2pcs, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 30ml, Facial Treatment Essence 30ml, Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser 20g! And all you have to do is to review any SK-II products on your blog :)

Here's how:
Contest participants must write a review about SK-II products used in personal blog
Participants of the contest must register the blog post link to Female Daily Forums
Only Blog Post Review written during the period (22 April-22 May 2016) has the right to join the competition and the opportunity to win SK-II products.
Three best reviewers will get the product set from SK-II worth up to Rp. 3.625.000,-

Period: 22 April - 22 May 2016
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Review: Skin79 Sun Protect Beblesh Pact (Hot Pink)

I remember having Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream as one of my favorite BB Cream couple years ago, I posted a review about it in 2012, and held a giveaway with it as a prize. Those were the good ol' days...

Though I haven't restocked the Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream, I tried the Skin79 Orange Super Plus BB Cream, but I did not like it as much as Hot Pink. So later I found out they released the powder version of Hot Pink, which is called Sun Protect Beblesh Pact! I didn't have to think twice to get it in my hands :)

Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream and Beblesh Pact are both available at Miss Lie Collection.
I've been using this powder for couple of months, simultaneously with other BB or CC cream or use it by itself, both work perfectly fine on my oily-combination skin. It has medium coverage, so I usually apply the powder as it be on most days, but I get little help from BB cream underneath if I needed more coverage on special occasions.

The only thing that I don't like about it is, like other Skin79 products, they only offer one shade only. This particular product is a little too dark for my skin tone, but I can make it work with wearing lighter shade of foundation or BB cream before the powder.
This powder don't get me oily so I don't have to touch up for every couple hours, which is what I'm looking for in a powder. I usually use either powder brush or the sponge to apply the powder, both ways will leave you with velvety smooth porcelain skin.
I like that it has SPF 30 PA++ already, so I don't have to bother using sunscreen beforehand. And they also provide a cover to separate the powder and sponge, it is very hygienic!

Now I wonder how great this powder will be, if it's used combined with the Hot Pink BB Cream :D
All in all, this powder is a good investment in my vanity, I just hope they will release couple other shades for us to choose. But if you're looking for affordable powder for a flawless skin, Skin79 Sun Protect Beblesh Pact might be the one you're looking for.

You can get this, or basically any other Skin79 products at Miss Lie Collection, my favorite online beauty store. Make sure to use 'BEAUTYAPPETITE' when checking out to get your free shipping (for Indonesia residents only).

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NTC Tour Jakarta 2016

My fellow Clozette Ambassadors and I went to NTC Tour Jakarta 2016 last week. It's an annual event that is held all over the globe, and it was the second time held in Jakarta. There were thousands of female training together at the same time. The venue hall, Balai Kartini was packed of stylish women who are committed to a healthier lifestyle.

Nike Training Club is a global fitness community of girls driven by self-expression in movement and training. It embodies Nike’s commitment to inspire and enable female athletes through its products, services and experiences. (Source from here)
There were four out of six trainings that we could choose from, and I chose dance, run, yoga, and strength trainings for five hours! It was so fun to be able to train with my friends, and get to know new people who are interested in the same field as I do. The Nike trainers came from Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia! :D
New Nike Free shoes were on display
I'm so gonna grab these next time :D
I really love how Nike can create not only comfortable shoes for exercise, but stylish at the same time!
Nike team really knows how to create an event for women, eh? They provided a storage for your baggage, small cafe, changing room (separated from toilets), and a beauty section! So before the event, I dropped by at the Beauty section to get my hair braided! Anyway, spot Ayu on the picture above ;p

Before our very first rotation together, we warmed up together. We were all drenched in sweat even before the first training, but surely it was fun. We all got about 15 minutes of break in between each rotations.
First Rotation: Dancing
It was a really fun session, especially to dance with your new friends!

Ina chose cycling instead of dancing, so make sure to check out her blog to know more about her cycling experience at NTC Tour :D
Second Rotation: Running
The most important thing about this event is to know our own limit, the committee kept reminding us not to push ourselves beyond our limit, we know our body better than anybody else. However, to prepare ourselves for this event, we all had joined the 6 weeks training before the D day. As for this training, they had 4 different tracks for 4 different speeds, if you think you could run fast, move on to the 'fast track', if not just get into the 'medium track'.
You could also compete with the others, in a good way of course! :)

Third Rotation: Yoga
It is also an important thing to get the right exercise at the right time. As for me, it's all about timing. Since I chose dancing and running for the first two exercise, I decided to go yoga before another exercise, because it's more relaxing so I could gather more power for the last training!

Fourth Rotation: Strength
Last but not least, I got into big groups and we do workout together using props provided by NTC Tour committee.
It feels so good to accomplish something like this :)
I'm really satisfied to be able to join NTC Tour this year, I feel really empowered as a woman and it helps me to realise that healthy lifestyle isn't supposed to be a chore for us, turns out NTC Tour was so much fun!
See you on the next NTC Tour & other Nike events that you can check here - !

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