Beauty Hack: Fuller & Thicker Lashes Instantly

I recently found a beauty hack on Pinterest, it aims to create fuller and thicker lashes with your mascara by applying loose powder beforehand. Let's try and see if it works!


Products used:
- Revlon Big Brush Mascara
- Skin Food Buckwheat Loose Powder
- Spoolie brush


Skin Food Buckwheat Loose Powder is available at Don't forget to use 'beautyappetite' when checking out to get free shipping all over Indonesia :)

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Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Prague, Milan, Seoul)

Kalau kalian belum tahu, sejujurnya aku itu paling gak suka sama lip product yang matte, aku lebih suka pakai yang hasil akhirnya satin atau glossy karena lebih melembabkan bibir aku yang super kering, selain itu bibir yang glossy terlihat lebih menarik buat aku.

Sampai semua orang disekitar udah beralih ke tren matte lips, ngeliat semua online review yang membahas matte lip products, akhirnya aku sedikit demi sedikit mulai mencoba, salah satunya adalah NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream yang bisa dibilang adalah salah satu pencetus utama tren matte lips beberapa tahun lalu. Sekarang ini sih udah banyak banget ya produk liquid lipstick, lip cream, dan sejenisnya, bahkan gak hanya selebriti Hollywood aja yang punya brand makeup sendiri, seleb Indo juga banyak yang keluarin lipstick. Tapi tentunya, gak afdol dong kalo aku gak nyobain produk hype ini, yang bisa dibilang dimiliki sejuta umat!
Kebetulan aku punya satu set yang berisikan 3 Soft Matte Lip Cream: Prague (kiri), Milan (tengah), dan Seoul (kanan). Ketiga warna ini merupakan warna yang pop banget, bukan tipikal warna yang aku gunakan sehari-hari, tapi tidak ada salahnya mencoba kan?

Saat pertama kali diaplikasikan ke bibir, teksturnya basah sesuai namanya: Lip Cream, namun lama kelamaan akan menjadi kering dan terlihat matte sepenuhnya. Bedanya dengan beberapa liquid lipsticks lainnya, NYX SMLC ini tidak 100% kering di bibir, jadi kalau kamu makan atau minum, lip cream akan transfer dan pudar.
Kalau kamu mencari lip cream yang bisa tahan di bibir kamu seharian, mungkin produk ini bukan pilihan yang tepat buat kamu. Tapi kalau aku sendiri lebih suka dengan hasilnya yang seperti ini, karena gak bikin kering bibir, dan gak membuat bibir terlihat cracky (garis-garis bibir terlihat) terutama untuk warna-warna muda, lip cream ini nyaman banget dipakai sehingga gak masalah sama sekali buatku untuk mengaplikasikan kembali produk ini ke bibir setelah makan atau minum.

Aplikatornya pun mudah digunakan, aku dapat menggunakan lip cream ini tanpa lip pencil sekalipun, dan hasilnya tetap terlihat rapi dan memuaskan. Namun jika membicarakan pigmentasi, ternyata setiap warna memiliki tingkat pigmentasi yang berbeda ketika diaplikasikan di bibir. Dapat dilihat di bawah ini, shade Seoul yang terlihat paling gelap malah tidak terlihat jelas di bibir, berbeda dengan kedua shade lainnya.
Blue-toned pink

Dark violet pink

True violet

Watch the swatch in this video, and let me know which one is your favorite! :)

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Review: VOV All Day Strong Eye & Lip Color

 A Korean brand called VOV just recently launched new products called All Day Strong Eye Color and All Day Strong Lip Color. This range comes in twist crayon packaging, with the shade color on the bottom. Both eye color and lip color have the same formulation, so they're pretty much the same in terms of pigmentation, texture, staying power, and also price! These are sold at IDR 175,000 each. The only difference is most of the eye color have shimmer, where the lip colors are all matte.
I got 3 All Day Strong Eye Color shades out of 7: (from top to bottom)

BR 801 Brown Killer
Warm dark brown with shimmer

PP 401 Purple Rising
Dark purple with shimmer

BR 802 Nude Foundation
Matte neutral light brown

As for the lip color, I have 2 out of 7 shades: (from top to bottom)

OR 202 Coralster
Pinky coral

OR 201 Peach Dream
Peachy orange

The texture is matte, but non-drying, and it's very creamy so it won't drag your skin or look patchy on the lips/eyelid. I like that the tip is not too skinny and too chubby, it's the perfect size to apply it on the eyelid/lips. Not to mention that they're very multifunction as well. The lip color can be used for lips and cheeks, and the eye color can be used as contour and highlight, just like what I did on this look!

On my eyes:
Nude Foundation - all over the lid
Brown Killer - outer V
Purple Rising - bottom lash line

On my face:
Nude Foundation - as contour (cheek, nose, forehead & jawline)
Coralster - as blusher

On my lips:
Peach Dream - all over lips
Coralster - inner part of the lips (to create ombre effect)
All in all, I really like all the products because I handpicked them myself haha, they're very easy to use, especially on lazy days when you only spend 5-10 minutes to do your makeup. You can get your VOV All Day Strong Eye Color & Lip Color at VOV counters nearby.

These products also inspired me to do Makeup & Hair on Lazy Days tutorial where I didn't use any makeup brush! Check out the video here and tell me what you think :)

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NO BRUSH! Makeup & Hair on Lazy Day

I've been wanting to do this kind of video for quite some time, and I finally did it *pat self on the back*! I was one of the makeup brush believer, where I always use makeup brush to apply my makeup daily for basically everything, my eye makeup, base makeup, etc.

The title says on lazy days, but who am I kidding, I'm always lazy most of the time, I prefer to do my makeup in 5-10 minutes instead of half an hour. Who's with me?

Products used:
Missha - First Treatment Essence
Regen Cosmetic - CC Cream
Hada Labo - CC Cream
Maybelline - Age Rewinder Concealer
Lioele - Auto Eyebrow
Shiseido - Liquid Eyeliner
Wardah - Aqua Lash
Skin Food - Buckwheat Loose Powder
VOV - All Day Strong Eye Color Nude Foundation
VOV - All Day Strong Eye Color Brown Killer
VOV - All Day Strong Eye Color Purple Rising
VOV - All Day Strong Lip Color Coralster
VOV - All Day Strong Lip Color Peach Cream
Repit - Press Curling Iron

Missha First Treatment Essence and Skin Food Buckwheat Loose Powder are available at Miss Lie Collection. Don't forget to use 'beautyappetite' when checking out for free shipping all over Indonesia :)

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Review: The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palette

I will always fond of The Body Shop, because it was one of the brands that get me to start blogging in the first place. If you looked through my older posts, you'll see me reviewing The Body Shop products everywhere, even my first post was about Tea Tree Facial Wash, how time flies! The reason why I like The Body Shop in the first place is because I can easily find their products, and of course their natural ingredients and cruelty-free products!

But the thing is, I used only TBS skincare products, I rarely buy anything from their makeup line, because they're all about natural, so the makeup usually doesn't come out as great as I thought. But as years go by, they improve their makeup line, they added colourful lipsticks, more colours on eyeshadow, including this Down To Earth Eye Palette!
The colours are mixed with warm and cool tones, the eye palette has 2 matte shades (outer left column), and the other 6 shades are shimmer shadows. They're more on the lighter tones, all about natural, but these are the kind of colours I would wear everyday, as you know I rarely go out of my comfort zone, I only wear nude/brown shadows.
Left: top row | Right: bottom row

Apparently, the colour payoff was better than I expected, kindly note that I didn't use any primer so swatch the shades. They're quite pigmented and long-lasting, however the shimmer eyeshadows has better pigmentation than the matte ones, but you can build up the colour if you want.

Overall, I was really pleased with the quality of the shadows, not to mention that the size of each shade is pretty huge! I don't think I could finish this palette any time soon, even if I use them daily. The texture of the eyeshadow is smooth and not chalky, because the glitters on the shimmer shadows are so fine. Clean fingers or eyeshadow brushes will work great to apply them.
Here is one of the look I created with Down To Earth eye palette.
What do you think of this look?

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Review: Skin Food Buckwheat Loose Powder

Looking for the perfect powder for oily skin is tricky. Most of the time, the powder will be off, leaving your skin looking greasy and shiny. In my case, I prefer to use loose powder instead of compact powder for my oily skin. Let's just say that if I used compact powder to set off my makeup, then my face will start to look oily in three or four hours, it definitely won't last all day.

One of the loose powder that I've been using for the last couple of months is Skin Food Buckwheat Loose Powder, this is actually not a new product from Skin Food, I believe they have been selling this for couple of years now. This product is also available at Miss Lie Collection.
 The product itself comes in a pretty big jar which is going to last you for couple of months, they also include a puff in it, though I prefer to use my beauty blender to apply my powder.

They have 4 selection of shades: #10 Transparent, #21 Light Beige, #23 Natural Beige, #40 Lavender. And the one I'm using is no. 21 Light Beige because my skin is pale at this moment.
 I usually close off the lid, take out the puff, put the lid back on, then turn the jar 180 degree, gently tap the bottom couple times, and take the powder from the lid using my beauty blender.

Tips for oily skin:
I think beauty blender is the best tool to put on makeup, especially powder, because you need to pat on the powder onto your skin carefully especially the T-zone. Beauty blender takes the right amount of product, I never leave the house with cakey face, I told you!
So this is how I apply it on my face:
Left: Skin Food Buckwheat Loose Powder is freshly applied after BB Cream
Right: Full makeup on after 8 hours

As you can see from the photo above, my mascara might smudge but my skin still looks nice, it's not completely matte but it's still in good shape for my super oily skin. This powder never breaks me out too, so that's another plus. I totally recommend this product for oily, combination, or acne-prone skin.

You can get this, or basically any other Skin Food products at Miss Lie Collection, my favorite online beauty store. Make sure to use 'BEAUTYAPPETITE' when checking out for free shipping (for Indonesia residents only).

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Review: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye

This product has appeared couple of times already since I tried it out two years ago. You can read where I joined Kiehl's LUCYS Challenge, and also in my Top Travel Beauty Essentials. But still, I haven't reviewed this product completely.

I have tried two eye creams from Kiehl's, this Midnight Recovery Eye and the Creamy Under Eye Treatment With Avocado. I also mentioned both of them in Skin Care Routine video. They're both great, but really different from each other, and if I had to choose one between those two, I'd definitely choose this one!

What Kiehl's claims:
Ideal companion for Midnight Recovery Concentrate which is very successful, the concentrate contains essential oils and herbs that helps keep the skin around the eyes looks younger. This evening treatment makes the skin around the eyes felt strengthened and nourished. The texture of Midnight Recovery Eye Cream is specially formulated for eyes delicate area.
I totally count on this eye cream on sleepless days when I'm too busy working (or just playing around haha), I noticed that it makes my eyes look less tired, and less panda-like. The texture is creamy, very easy to apply, it has no weird scent, me likey!

I usually apply this around my eyes with light tapping motion, focusing more on the orbital bone using my ring fingers. This eye cream is also good underneath makeup, it helps my under-eye concealer to blend more easily.

If you haven't found any eye cream that you can rely on, then you probably should give this a try.

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