Hi peeps! Hope you all are doing great :)
These couple of months have been quite hectic for me, and that's the reason why I haven't posted as much as I used to. But that's the life we're living, and I promise you that I'll do my very best to keep you all updated.
Doing myself a colourful mani with cute nail stickers that I bought ages ago. Nail stickers are so much fun! Let me know where you usually get your nail stickers, cause I'm gonna buy lots more!
This is my current everyday makeup look, I'm digging natural makeup nowadays.

I'm using Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation #120 to create a flawless look. At first I liked the old HD Foundation better, but the more I'm using the new Ultra HD Foundation, the more I'm pleased by the result.

And my brows was done by Miss Lie Collection couple months ago. Yes, I finally did brow embroidery! Comments?
Okay, we don't have to ignore the fact that I urgently need to colour my hair ASAP. I'm thinking on dying my hair a bit red this time, hope it will turn out good.

Anyway, have a great day everyone!

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Let's Try It: Liese Bubble Hair Color (Milk Tea Brown)

I decided to create a new series on my YouTube channel called Let's Try It, where I test out some products, so for the first video I'm trying out Liese Bubble Hair Color, which I have talked about in the blog before, so this is more like a how-to video if you never tried dyed your hair by yourself, trust me this is the easiest method I could find!

So hopefully by having this new series, I'll start vlogging more, and stop neglecting my channel. I've been quite active for the past year if you haven't noticed ;) So make sure to subscribe to Beauty Appetite on YouTube as well!

Since I reviewed this particular color before, I'll just then leave it here, if you want to see before and after pictures please head over to Liese - Milk Tea Brown review.

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Review: Itsy Luxury Nail Wraps (White Marble)

Hi beautiful people! Hope you all are having an amazing holiday so far, and Happy Eid Mubarak to those of you who celebrate! Today's post is going to be short and straight-forward as I'm going to talk about nail sticker only anyway.

I've seen the hypes of nail stickers and tried couple of brands before. And as I was shopping on Sociolla the day before, I wandered to Itsy Nail page there and decided to get this. I love the white marble design, it's simple yet sophisticated. I'm sure all nail art junkie out there could recreate this look by doing water-marble, but you know me, I'm a very practical person therefore I cheated with nail stickers.
There are several things that I like about nail stickers, it's the easiest to apply, it lasts up to two weeks, and it's easy to maintain. Especially for this Itsy Nail, I don't even have to top it off with top coats like what I have to do with other nail sticker brands, and it's made from real nail polish so it doesn't look too fake on the nails.
One pack consists of 7 pairs, measure the size of sticker that will fit your nail perfectly.

All you need is to take the cover off and place the sticker on your nail, press it firmly then use nail file (also provided in the pack) to remove the excess sticker. It's so simple, it will only take half an hour for a beginner to finish both hands.
This is the end result. It looks gorgeous and super neat, which I cannot achieve by only using nail polish alone. Though you may not see from the picture above, the white colour is a bit see through, it may only happen with bright colours. So I would recommend on getting darker coloured intead.
However, after couple of days I noticed there were some bubbles showing up. I took this picture on the third day after I applied the stickers. I'm not really sure why this happened because I never had this kind of problem with other nail sticker brands before. Have you experienced the same thing, or is it just me?
It didn't really show up on pictures, but the sticker doesn't look really pretty with the bubbles. I really wanted to like this nail sticker, too bad this happened....

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Makeup Challenge with The Peach Beauty

Couple months ago, my bestie Miu sent me a package of beauty products, and I was challenged to create a makeup look with products that she specifically bought for me!

Let me know what you think about this look :D

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Review: L'Oreal Color-Vive 1 Minute Protecting Mask

I've been dyeing my hair every couple of months for the last couple of years. Truth to told, I'm very picky about hair colorant, and I nevernot even oncebleach my hair. I cannot imagine how coarse my hair will be if I bleached it, plus I'm quite old-fashioned, I'd feel more comfortable with natural-coloured hair instead of having rainbow-coloured hair like everybody else nowadays.

I'm the kind of person who thinks that hair is everything, especially when you're a girl. Believe it or not, but hair complements your whole look. So I treat my hair like a real treasure to keep it healthy and look good at all times.
Protect and prolong the radiance of your color-treated hair with Color-Vive. It protects against external aggressions that dull and weaken colored hair. The Protecting Mask prevents hair color from fading and protects color becoming drab and dull. Developed with the Color Protect Light Reflecting System, Color-Vive is formulated with UV filters that nourishes the hair and helps protect the hair fibre from external aggressions.

I remember using hair mask in the good old days, when I had to spend about half an hour before rinsing it off. I'm so thankful with beauty innovation miracles like L'Oreal Color-Vive 1 Minute Protecting Mask! All you need is a good one minute, though sometimes I leave it for more than a minute to make sure my hair has fully absorbed all the goodness from this mask.
I truly love how my hair feels and smells afterwards, it's so freaking soft and smooth. Sometimes I use the hair mask after conditioner, or as a conditioner substitute on lazy days. I'm pleased with result after using this products for months, it's a good maintenance for coloured hair like mine.

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Health is Real Wealth

I know that it may sound a little bit ridiculous by some people, but I do need to maintain my weight. I might look skinny, but being skinny isn't the same as being healthy. As I grow older, I realise that I spend most of my time working at the office and have no time to exercise, and after years I finally decided to stand up for myself for the better and join a fitness club.
It all started last year, and as I am usually occupied to work on different things at once, have to be from one place to another swiftly, I decided to join Celebrity Fitness - All Club, where I could train on every club available, sweet huh? :)
I also got help from a Personal Trainer (PT), since they know best what to do and the best way to do it. For example, I want to be toned, and one of my major problem (if it's not all of our problem lol) is my tummy. So I got abs workout now and then. Bye flabby tummy~ I surely won't miss you!

Though honestly, the first few months were the worst in my case. Especially when I have some overtime work to do, deal with the traffic, the unbreakable unhealthy lifestyle, etc. So I really recommend you to have some friends to go together with, or having a PT to motivate you. Once this lifestyle has became your daily life, you won't ever regret it.
You do what's best for you. You make your own goal. You work hard for yourself. And trust me, the result worth the all the hard work and the sacrifices you make.

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Glowing Look for Ramadan

As Ramadan is coming up next week, I gotta share this fun event I went to last week. So I was invited by Female Daily to Panasonic Beauty event where I learned how to create glowing look with other beauties, we had so much fun together!
The coolest thing about that event is when we all could experience some beauty devices from Panasonic. Namely this facial ionic steamer that you can use to moisturise and clean your face all at once! The nano-sized particles help to penetrate the skin much easier compared to normal steam.
A make up tutorial was conducted that day.
Can you see her glowing skin even before makeup? She was using the facial steamer beforehand! You could see an immediate result from this device, cool!
And this is the result. Totally in love with this makeup, very natural, not too overdone. Isn't this look perfect for Hari Raya? :)

And we're also taught how to use the hair straightener.
You can control the heat of the hair straightener too.
I used low-medium heat and it's enough to mane my super straight hair :)

I love the fact that I didn't have to burn my hair to get a put together look. I'm totally putting this hair straightener on my wish list!
This is the result. The ceramic layer helps to protect my coloured hair too. So it's safe to be used often.
Thank you Female Daily & Panasonic Beauty for arranging a fun and helpful event. Looking forward for the next one ;)

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