Romand Liquid Lipstick Lip Driver (Spotlight, Overrev, Don't Stop) Review + Swatch

by - September 30, 2018

Lately, I've been into liquid lipsticks compared to the regular ones. And I don't know why it took me so long to finally enjoy wearing matte lipsticks (I started collecting matte lipsticks in 2017, but better late than never!), but now you won't see me without one!

Introducing Romand Liquid Lipstick, Lip Driver, which claims to be ridiculously long-lasting, insanely highly pigmented, astonishingly tight adherence, and unbelievably non-glossy. Okay, so before I begin I should tell you this, if Romand claims a lipstick to be pigmented, then it'll exceed your expectation. I have two of other lipsticks from Romand, which you probably still remember because I blogged about them couple months ago, but if you haven't read the review yet, you can check my Romand Crazy Payoff Matte Lipsticks review.

And I must say that Lip Driver successfully translated their claims into this liquid lipsticks, it's super long-lasting and highly pigmented, it clings on the lips, and I like that it dries out rather quickly.

The only downside I have with this liquid lipstick is it's a little bit drying, not the worst kind of drying like it'd crack my lips or anything, but I always make sure to apply lip balm at night to keep my lips moisturized.

Then again, if you're someone like me, who never walks out the house without lipstick on, then I'd recommend you to give this liquid lipstick a try! I mostly use it for Korean gradient lips, so I'm sure they will last me for quite a long time :)

Lip Driver has 5 beautiful shades, my favorites are Spotlight, Overrev, and Don't Stop but you can get other shades at my Charis Shop and get 17% discount off with no minimum purchase!

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  1. Sometimes you gotta be bold!

    Kurang foto swatch ke bibir nihh Kak Jeeess
    Curious how it look like :)


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