Trying Out Oval Brushes For The First Time!

by - March 24, 2017

 I know that I'm really late to the chase, but better late than never right? I'm finally trying out Oval Brushes that everyone's using since the past years haha. The first thing came up to my mind when I saw this kind of brushes is how weird looking those are and how they look like toothbrush, I mean really look at these brushes...
 And in case you're wondering, I got this set of brushes at for only $6.57, they also have other colors like white, gold, gradient blue, gradient green, and more. If you're interested, check the link here.

Despite being really cheap, the quality of the brushes are actually quite good, I know that the handles are made from plastic that make them look really cheap, but the brushes are really, really soft! They exceeded my expectation :)
I really like the biggest brush, I use this to apply my foundation, BB/CC cream, and even my powder. It works really well to blend my foundation because it's so fluffy and voluminous. The smaller size also works great to apply foundation, but it takes longer time to blend, so I prefer to use the smaller one to blend my concealer and contour instead.
 I use this small brush to apply eyeshadow, because it's flat top and not tapered, it doesn't work well as blending brush, however you can use this brush for powder or cream shadow.
I use this thin brush to apply cream contour on my face before, it gives a great precision from being so thin!

The first time I tried oval brushes, it felt weird, but actually it's not that hard to use, you just have to adapt and get used to it. My favorite brushes are the oval face brushes that i usually use to blend my face products, they're extremely soft and fluffy, love them to bits! I've also tried cleaning them all, the brushes hold up pretty good, there was no shedding for the 3 smaller brushes, the oval brushes lost couple of strands but I guess that's normal since the bristles are really dense.

If you're interested to try oval brushes but don't want to spend much money, I really recommend you to get this set instead at, but actually they have so many products to sell vary from makeup brush to Ombre Hair so make sure to check them out!

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