Taiwan Day 2: Yilan & Luodong Night Market

by - March 17, 2017

I didn't write much on my previous One Fine Day in Taipei post because I arrived at Taipei pretty late in the evening (after spending quite some time at the immigration, oh the long queue!), so I hopped on to Taipei Main Station, dropped my bags to luggage storage and had dinner at one of the malls which name I don't remember anymore. I'm totally bad with names, especially in language that I'm not familiar with.

So the next morning I bought me train ticket to Yilan, where I spent one night there before heading to Wuling Farm, which is one of the trip's highlights. The journey from Taipei to Yilan took about one and a half hour. There was some slight error when I bought the ticket, then again I don't speak the language, so I wasn't sure if I got the wrong ticket or got in the wrong train, but I didn't get seat on my way to Yilan, so I had to stand gracefully for 1,5 hour hahaha. But I made sure to not make the same mistake on my way back to Taipei from Yilan (more on different post later).
The train station at Taipei
Just to give you an idea, here's a glimpse of Taiwan map, so I spent one night at Taipei, then headed to Yilan by train and spent the night there, then finally went to Wuling Farm by bus.
I went to Taiwan on end of March to early April, it was Spring and the weather couldn't be any more nicer, it was a bit chilly, definitely up to my taste. Yilan is actually not a big town, so I decided to spend the time by walking around the town in the afternoon, while looking for something to eat.
I stayed at Beauty Hotel at Yilan. A double bed for only about USD 65/night was quite a steal, the room was comfy and clean, and the owner were absolutely friendly. The hotel was run by a couple who helped me so much during the trip, we didn't talk much because of the language barrier, but they're absolute delight! I took a taxi on my way to Beauty Hotel from the train station, it was actually not that far, but I wasn't familiar with the place so I took a taxi instead, it was about 10-15 minutes walk from the hotel to train station (about 1 KM away).

I asked the owner if I could dropped my huge luggage at their place for a day so I could only bring small travel bag (actually it was a gym bag haha) to Wuling Farm, and they gladly helped me! Not only that, they also drove me to Jiaoxi station the next day, and the following day to dropped my luggage when I was going to Hualien. I was so grateful to be able such friendly and helpful people. So I definitely recommend you to stay at their place if you're going to Yilan :)

Beauty Hotel
Wufeng Road No.12, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan, Taiwan, 26247
The centre part of the town, lots of shops are available here.
Stumbled on this shop, but didn't enter because they sell spicy ice cream! FYI, I don't eat spicy food, that's why I didn't enter the cafe in the first place. Then I went to the restaurant across Chili Ice Cream store to grab some lunch.
I only ate the shrimp hahaha.
This was quite good, well I would consider most soup-y food as good in chilly weather hehe.
Then I went to the park nearby and found this cutie!
What a doll! So cute :)
You could find lots of cute dogs wandering around the streets in Taiwan, and because the weather was a bit chilly when I went there, most of the dogs wear the cutest clothes and sweaters! I feel like bringing them all home 
Later in the evening, I went to Luodong Night Market by taking a cab from Jiaoxi station. It cost me about NTD 450 or USD 14.50 for a 40 minute trip. The night market isn't as big as the one in Taipei, but you gotta go to as many night markets as possible when you're in Taiwan right?! I already looked for food recommendations in Luodong Night Marketing online and grabbed several snacks there, but here is my top picks:
Angelica Mutton Soup
NTD 70 / USD 2.30

There were several stalls beside it that sell the same menu, but this one is surely everyone's favourite! I had to queue for 15-20 minutes for a bowl of this magical soup.
The mutton meat was very tender, it wasn't smelly or whatsoever. A great way to warm up your body in a cold night.
Being in a cold weather didn't stop me to have something cold to eat! I made sure to stop by at Sister Wei for dessert. The flavour is beyond my expectation, it's quite different than similar dessert available in Indonesia, it seemed to be healthier because it's not as sweet.
Wei Jie Tapioca Dessert

If I'm not mistaken, they have two shops at Luodong night market, and I went to the bigger store (picture above). But if you're not going to the night market, make sure to visit their store at Yilan, I noticed it the day before when I traveled back to Yilan. It's one of the must visit places, so you have to try! :)

No. 110, Sec. 1, Fuxing Rd., Yilan, Taiwan

That's all for my second day at Taiwan. I will post more soon. I feel like going back there.

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