Review: La Rose Rouge Passion Series

by - August 30, 2015

Hi beauty peeps! Sorry for the lack of posts this month, I've been really busy at work, and will stay that way until the next couple of months. Just in case you miss me, you can find me on twitter or instagram haha.

So last month I received a set of shampoo and conditioner from La Rose Rouge, truth is I never heard anything about this particular brand or products, but I gave them a try. For a month of usage, I still have more than half of products left, so I'll say that this set will last you for about 2 months (note: I wash my hair every two days).
I tried their Passion Series - Repair Damaged Hair, and they're only sold in set for IDR 150,000 (so each of them is about IDR 75,000). And since I dyed my hair, and styled my hair a lot, these set are perfect for my hair. Well, it's not badly damaged, but the ends are a bit dry.

Repair Damaged Hair Shampoo
Both of these products smells like rose, it's a mild fragrance, not too overwhelming. The shampoo comes in thick formula that creates much soap to clean my hair. It nourishes and cleans my hair really well, it doesn't give that squeaky clean feeling, but soften my hair, even before the conditioner. Sometimes, I have to rush in the morning, so I don't really mind leaving the conditioner behind, which I used to hate, because my hair will be so frizzy, dry, and hard to maintain if I don't use my conditioner. So I can tell that even the La Rose Rouge shampoo alone really nourishes my hair! I love touching my silky smooth hair now :)

Repair Damaged Hair Conditioner
For the next level of soft and silky hair, I use the conditioner. The consistency isn't tacky like any other conditioner, it's more like a gel lotion. I leave the conditioner for about 2 minutes before rinsing it off with water. I love the feeling of my ultra smooth hair, it's now really easy to maintain, even the ends are now much softer than before.

Somehow, even I like their pump packaging, I really hope that they create two different designs for the shampoo and conditioner, because they pretty much look the same except for the small 'shampoo' and 'conditioner' texts. All in all, I think this set is perfect for damaged hair, you should try them out for yourself so you can see the difference! :D

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  1. Great post Jess ! Can you please tell about their availability? that would help alot as I have almost same problems with my hair :/

  2. Replies
    1. Iya nih lyv, boleh coba kalo punya rambut kering hehee..

  3. Wow that was thorough! I need to take more care of my hair!!

    Would love to have you follow my blog (:


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