Chupa Chups

by - September 03, 2015

I will always be the practical kind of girl in many things, such as makeup or dressing up. If you've been reading my blog for quite a while, then you must've known already that the kind of makeup tutorials that I have here in this blog are simple ones, the easy-to-do makeup, but then again, I'm not a makeup artist, I just share how I do my makeup. And when it comes to dress up, I always use simple and comfortable clothes depending on the occasion. I like to see how people can pull off tons of accessories on their hands (I always drool over Aimee Song's candy arm photos!) but I don't see that it's convenient for me to wear haha.

So I was going to the mall when I took these pics. I only grabbed tees and short shorts, then I took Gabbie's outerwear that she bought in Thailand.
Isn't the Chupa Chups tee super cute? I got this tee from Mon Beau Tee Shirt Imprimé (MBTSI) all the way from France! They have so many great collection of stock photos that you can choose from the website directly. Once you choose the photo, you can pick the size, and cut you want.
It took me a while to finally receive the t-shirt in my hand (about couple of weeks) but it totally worth the wait! The size is perfect for me (not too tight and not too loose, just as I predicted it would be) and the fabric of the t-shirt is just the best, no kidding, it's really soft! The printing also looks and feels great, not like usual print t-shirt that I usually find.
What are you waiting for?
Print your favorite t-shirt design at Mon Beau Tee Shirt Imprimé :)

 J E S S I E 


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  1. love your style.. =)
    ah jadi inget dulu suka makan permen chupa cup.. =)

  2. Such a cool tee, love a good chupa chup, takes me back to the 90s!

    Krissie x -

  3. I love wearing printed tees too! Cool outfit :)

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  4. sukaa banget sama gayanya kak <3 swag but still you look feminine <3
    let's meet up kak tgl 11 atau tgl 13 gitu ya, wkwk aku cm 3 hari sepertinya klopun paling lama kyknya cm sampe tgl 15

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  5. your style is really cool, love the shoes!

    danielle | avec danielle


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