Review: Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

by - August 12, 2015

Hi peeps! I had actually posted a review about Benefit Roller Lash Mascara, but not this one in particular. Hahaha. I know it's kind of weird, so let me try to explain.... Early this year, a secret mascara was sent to me and other beauty bloggers/vloggers, no one mentioned the brand of the mascara, and it came in a plain black tube. We had to try it out and give our opinions about it. We didn't know anything about the mascara, so our opinions wouldn't be biased.

You can read my Secret Mascara Blind Test here.

The review would be pretty much the same, but you can see the real packaging here, and I wrote that post using Bahasa Indonesia, so here's the English version!
So the story behind this mascara is to minimize eyelash curler application, and in my case I don't even need to use eyelas curler at all if I use this mascara! The brush material is made of flexible plastic, and as you can see at the picture below the brush length is shorter on one side and longer on the other side. It makes it easier to apply the mascara on the lower lashes and it does a really good job at separating the lashes.

This mascara really gives much lifting on eyelashes, and it also gives volume to lashes without any clumps! The texture is wet and not icky sticky, that it only takes a few seconds to dry. Though it's not waterproof mascara, I never experienced smudging. A Moslem friend of mine also use Roller Lash and never had her mascara smearing or bleeding when she takes her ablution before prayers, isn't it awesome?
Benefit always has the best mascaras like They're Real and Bad Gal, if you have tried at least one of them, then I'm sure you already knew their quality. I'd recommend this mascara for anyone who has straight lashes (like I do!), cause it's time to throw away your eyelash curler girls! ;)

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  1. A non waterproof mascara without smudging... This is superb...!!!!!!!!!

  2. Looks interesting but since I don't use an eyelash curler I won't know the difference anyway he he he

    1. this mascara curls my lashes much better than any other mascara that I've tried in my entire life! so I'm sure you'll notice the difference :)


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