Review: Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Sunscreen

by - August 06, 2015

I've always been that kind of girl who hides under the shades in the afternoon, who hates being under the sun, who always cover my face when walking outside. I rarely use sun protection for my face, I usually just use skincare-infused makeup like BB or CC cream that already has SPF in it. The reason why I hate sunscreen is because, to me, sunscreen is sticky, has weird scent, and hard to absorb into the skin.

Until I was introduced with Kiehl's new and improved Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Sunscreen last month. I was super stocked to try it, because I always like Kiehl's products (most of my skin care products are from Kiehl's since 2013!). I've been using this for at least 6 weeks, and I love it!
The packaging is pretty much still the same with the old one, but it's improved from SPF 50 PA+++ to SPF 50 PA++++. The new sunscreen offers better anti-aging protection, and UVA protection (sun rays that penetrate deeper into the skin and cause long term skin aging).

Kiehl’s also promised that this sunscreen will protect skin against the appearance of dark spots, freckles, wrinkles, skin darkening, protecting skin against premature skin aging, non-comedogenic and is safe for sensitive skin.
This sunscreen is totally different from the others, it doesn't have pungent smell, and because it's a liquid based sunscreen, it doesn't feel sticky once you apply it, and absorb into the skin really fast without any oily or greasy feeling.
Because I have oily skin, I'm super pleased that this sunscreen is so lightweight and it sinks into the skin really quick and doesn't leave any white residue! I can apply it alone or top it off with makeup. Besides being a weightless sunscreen, it also helps to moisturise my skin, so it's a win-win!
I've been told couple times already that using a complete range of skin care is pretty much useless if you don't use sunscreen everyday, so finding this product is totally a game changing for me who hates icky sticky sunscreen. Now I don't have to feel bad anymore for not using sunscreen, and I will continue to use this, the best one I've encountered so far, sunscreen.

Rating: 4.5/5

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    1. it is! :)
      if you're looking for a new sunscreen, i'd totally recommend this!


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