Review: theBalm Nude Tude Palette

by - September 15, 2014

I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE theBalm products! They're mid range, between drugstore and high end, hence the affordable prices and the high quality of products! And since I love eyeshadow palette, I decided to get the Nude Tude Palette, which comes in extremely cute packaging. This palette is so thin and sleek, and consists of 12 eyeshadow with mini dual-ended brush and gigantic mirror.

theBalm has two variations of Nude Tude Palette: 'Feeling Naughty' and 'Feeling Nice', the difference is only about the nude women on the packaging, where 'Feeling Nice' only features a beautiful room. But they have the exact same eyeshadows. If you like nude shadows, then this palette is the perfect palette for you, it has variations of light, medium and dark shades.

With Flash:
First Row:
Sassy: frosted white, very pigmented. Can be applied on brow bone and/or to highlight inner corner
Stubborn: frosted peachy pink, quite pigmented.
Selfish: frosted taupe, but more brown than grey. Great pigmentation.
Sophisticated: Warm dark brown with gold micro glitters.
Sexy: matte burgundy. This color is really unique and hard to find in other palettes!
Serious: matte black, quite pigmented.

Second Row:
Snobby: frosted golden yellow. Can be used as highlight as well.
Stand-offish: metallic peach, very pigmented.
Sultry: matte medium brown. Great as transition color on the crease.
Seductive: warm satin bronze color.
Silly: dark brown with chunky glitters. The least pigmented shade.
Sleek: matte dark brown. Best pigmentation of all colors.

Without Flash:
The quality of this palette is really high, all of the shades are really pigmented, except for Silly which is the most disappointing shade because it's really sheer so you have to build up the color with other shades. All of the shades are soft and smooth, really easy to blend, and long lasting even without eye primer. I have no fall out problem with this palette, so that's another good point for Nude Tude Palette.

With Flash:
Sassy / Stubborn / Selfish / Sophisticated / Sexy / Serious / Snobby / Standoffish / Sultry / Seductive / Silly / Sleek
Without Flash:
Sassy / Stubborn / Selfish / Sophisticated / Sexy / Serious / Snobby / Standoffish / Sultry / Seductive / Silly / Sleek
The texture of the eyeshadow is really creamy and buttery, really easy blend, it has selection of matte and shimmer shadows, you can mix the colors together to create day or night look. Overall, I really enjoy using this palette and I would recommend this palette to beginners and professionals!

RATING: 4.5/5

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  1. dari dulu pengen beli ini tapi masih ragu, akhirnya malah beli palette naked, tapi sekarang abis baca review kamu jadi pengen beli lagi, hehehe

    1. hahaha sama banget!! aku juga awalnya beli naked 1, tapi setelah punya nude tude, akhirnya lebih sering pake ini :D

  2. I really want to give this palette a try - everyone I know that has it always raves! :)

    -Celine xo

  3. Beautiful swatches. No doubt this palette has some gorgeous shade.
     Sahar the Cozy Fashionista

  4. aku setuju sama kamu warnanya lebih keluar dari naked.. kl di[ikir2 warna dan pigmentasinya lbh bagus nude tude dr naked lho..harganya jg lbh terjangkau hihi
    nice review :)

    ♥ Pinastika Beauty Blog ♥

  5. Gosh!!! ini lucu banget dari package-nya minta di beli :D
    Tadinya pengen nabung untung beli NAKED tapi makin kesini, makin banyak produk yang "ngikutin" NAKED tapi justru lebih bagus hahaha

    Btw, nice review dear ;)


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