Review: Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray

by - September 18, 2014

There are several types of facial sprays: to set your make up, to tone your face or to freshen up your face. Today I want to review the one to freshen up your face, there are two famous brands for facial sprays: Avene Thermal Water and Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray.

You could get this Evian Facial Spray at your local drugstores. They came in 4 different sizes: 50ml, 150ml, 300ml and 400ml, with aerosol can packaging. Evian Facial Spray is a delightful cool mist to rehydrate skin and revive makeup, that removes perspiration, harmful salt, or chlorine. It instantly soothes and rehydrates sun-burned or wind-chapped skin, leaving you with a beautiful, radiant complexion. Spray your desired amount to keep makeup fresh and replenish much needed moisture. The good thing is this facial spray is formulated without Parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

I always buy the smallest size because I like to keep this in my bag at all time! It's really great to hydrate and moisture my face during the day. If you have dry skin, I'd suggest you to try this out, it will calm and soothe your skin down. I like to spritz it after I wash my face, because some products can make my skin dries out. You could also use this as a facial toner if you want.

I have been using Evian Facial Spray for years, and I recommend you to try it out if you haven't already! It's a great product to keep in your handbag or vanity, because you'll need this facial spray somehow. After microdermabrasion, scrubbing or peeling, skin tends to be dry, spritz this all over your face to keep it hydrated! :)

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