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by - September 18, 2014

If you guys followed me on instagram, then you must have seen the 'teaser' of this @MUSElashes :) Lately, I've been enjoying using fake lashes, because it's a lot faster than applying mascara because I have short and thin eyelashes--they're almost unnoticeable!--so I have to apply at least three or four layers of two different types of mascara, not to mention that I have to wait for them to completely dry before applying another layer. I could spend almost 10 minutes only for applying mascara O_O

So couple months ago, my Mom bought dozens boxes of cheap fake lashes for me (only around IDR 10,000 per pair), and I'm completely hooked, I can't stop wearing fake lashes now! It only takes about 1 or 2 minutes top to apply them. But the problem is, most of them cannot be reused... I had tried my best to be extremely gentle to clean the band from the used glue, but they keep falling out no matter what, I can't expect much from a pair of $1 fake lashes. So I was really glad to be introduced to @MUSElashes, it's a new local brand from Indonesia but they have tons of different eyelashes designs already, from natural to va-va-voom!

This Titan design is pretty similar to my favorite Dolly Wink lashes #16 Dolly Mix. As you can see on the pic above, the band so thin, makes it so flexible and easy to adjust. The lashes and the band are so light, they're the lightest fake eyelashes that I've ever tried so far! I think being a lightweight lashes is a good point, it's pretty much the same like wearing a pair of thin soft lenses, they are so comfortable that you won't even notice that you're using any!

And since they're made in Indonesia, the size is really suitable to Asian eyes, so you don't have to cut the excess part. So I have used this pair for about 5 times already, I even layer them up with another lashes for more dramatic look, and they're still in great condition! The band's still sturdy, the lashes are still curly, and I haven't seen any fall out so far, I'm really impressed :)

Since they're 100% human hair, it looks really natural, even in flash photography. These are not that low quality fake lashes that are made from, what, 100% plastic and look hideous when you put them on.

I just want to remind you, that you have to be extra careful while cleaning the lashes after use, because the band is really thin. These lashes are very durable and can be reused for countless times, I'm looking forward to use other designs in the future! I think these lashes is must-have product, especially for fake lashes users :)

Don't forget to check @MUSElashes on instagram.

Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. eh? eyelashes made in Indonesia yg baru ya? cm 10rb? iiih muraaaah bgt, tapi eyelashes bagus kok, hasilnya juga keliatan natural..

    1. hahaha bukan ini yang 10rb... kalo yg 10rb-an itu cpt bgt rusaknya..
      kalo muse lashes kurang tau aku harganya berapa, bisa contact langsung aja hihihih :)

  2. haduuuhh naksir banget sama eyelashes-nya, natural.. cuusss follow instagramnya ah wkwkkwk


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