Review: Regen Cosmetic S-Line Body Patch & V Fill-Up Mask

by - September 13, 2014

Hi girls! Hope y'all doing well :)
I have more products from Regen Cosmetic for review today! They're S-Line Body Patch and V Fill-Up Mask. If you haven't heard about Regen, I suggest you to read my previous posts about Regen 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask and Regen BB Cream & CC Cream.

S Line is a famous expression in Korea, used to describe women slim figure, or pretty much Korean girl band's figure heheheh. There are several ways to achieve S Line, like cardio exercises, yoga, swimming and of course, body patch!

S-Line Body Patch details
Uneven skin features will turn into a 360° solid smooth looking healthy body line.
  • The combination of adiposlim and adipoless components effectively concentrates on taking care of the complexed parts and improves the body lines.
  • The hydrogel type patch increases the active components transmission rate. The polyurethane fabric enhances the adherence of the patch and is safe to use for long periods of time. 

Main ingredients
Adipoless, Cafecillin, Garcinia Extract

You could buy it individually for KRW 7,000 (around USD 7) or buy a box consists of 5 sheets of Body Patch! BUY NOW

Body Patch
How to use:
  1. Wipe and dry area for the patch
  2. Open pouch and remove film cover
  3. Place patch onto tummy, thigh and arms on area needed
  4. Leave on for 3-4 hours for active ingredients to absorb into skin

S-Line Body Patch applied onto my tummy

This Body Patch provides smooth and firm body line, with Adiposlim which is 4 times stronger than caffeine to treat fat and soothes bumpy areas and gives soft silky, firm and healthy body line.

I love that this S-Line Body Patch provides moisture to the skin while shaping body! You could place it on your arms, thighs, or tummy, and because the type is hydro gel patch, this body patch is really convenient to use for long hours, even in summer!

It sticks pretty firmly onto the skin, so you can do several activities while using this S-Line Body Patch, or you can use it while sleeping. It feels warm after couple minutes, but nothing unbearable or uncomfortable. I may not be the best reviewer for slimming body patch, since I'm a little bit underweight (173 cm & 55 kg) but I like to use it on my tummy... Who doesn't want flat tummy anyway? :D

I have posted a similar product like this, also from Regen Cosmetic called 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask, the difference is the 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask has multiple function other than creating V line face, but the V Fill-Up Mask is concentrating to create V line face! Yay to smaller jawline! :)

The price for a single sheet is KRW 7,000 (around USD 7), or you could buy a box of 5 for KRW 35,000 (around USD 35). BUY NOW

How to use:
  1. Apply toner after facial washing
  2. While looking into the mirror, apply the mask sheet starting from the eyes and nose area, adhere the rest of the sheet according to the face line
  3. Hang the mask loops on to the ears while stretching the sheet along the chin line
  4. Wear the sheet for 10 to 20 minustes, for maximum absoption, tap on the left over essence after usage of the mask sheet

Applied halfway

Fully applied

If you want a slimmer jawline, I recommend you to get this mask, it improves skin elasticity, moisturizes the skin and lifts up the skin (prevent wrinkle). I love the final result after I use this sheet mask, my skin becomes so supple, firm, dewy and glowing! Use this mask once or twice a week for better result :)

Close up!

You can get S-Line Body Patch and V Fill-Up Mask for KRW 7,000 per sheet or KRW 35,000 per box at Regen Cosmetic Website.
Buy V Fill-Up Mask  

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