by - April 26, 2014

Hi loves!
It's finally my third week using Kiehl's products. And I'm gonna share with you my favorite trio of the moment:

Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream
I've heard great things about this product and have been wanting to try it since a long time ago. I normally don't use makeup on my daily routine, but I decided to give this BB Cream a try. I think of this BB Cream as a sunscreen that protects my skin from the UV light, with a hint of color. The coverage is sheer but also buildable so it can cover up my blemishes (while the skincare are clearing up my acne scars and hyper pigmentation).

Creamy Eye Treatment
I use two kind of eye cream everyday, and I use this eye cream in the morning because it really helps to depuff eye bags. It doesn't lighten up dark circles like Midnight Recovery Eye does, but Creamy Eye Treatment has lighter consistency and more suitable for morning eye cream. These two eye creams have been helping me a lot, because the problems on my eye area are puffy eyes and dark circles.

Hydrating Moisture Emulsion
I prefer to use more of this product at night because I like waking up with supple and moist face. And as what it claims, it helps to improve my skin clarity (altogether with the face wash, toner, serum and exfoliator). It'll work amazing if you have dry skin, because it will moisturized your skin real good. I have normal-to-oily skin but I never had any problem using this product.

Overall, I've been really enjoying this #LUCYS Challenge, even though at first I'm not sure if I could diligently use the products step-by-step every single day, since there are lot of steps that have to be done! But I see a visible difference day by day after I used these products, like my acne scars are fading away so I don't have to spend much time to conceal my acne scars while I do my makeup. So I've been really looking forward to take care of my skin with these products diligently! Let's see my skin transformation for the whole month next week, follow me on instagram or twitter for daily updates :)

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