by - September 03, 2012

"The Chocolate Makes You More Sweet & Deep"

My first The Skin Food product to review! The only reason I bought it is because I was tempted by the word 'Choco' hehehe, I thought it must smell like chocolate, and I WAS RIGHT!!! It does smell chocolate if you apply it on your lips, can't resist to not lick my own lips ;p. I love lip products that smell good!!

I have the Choco Smoky Lip Color no. 1 (Milky Beige Choco), it comes in two other colors (Milky Coral Choco and Milky Baby Pink Choco). The color is really gorgeous, deep and pigmented.

It comes with soft sponge applicator, like normal lip products. I really that its not so glossy like normal lip glosses, actually its not so glossy but also not so matte, I don't know how to call it hahaha. And even though the texture is creamy, but its not sticky on my lips at all :) And the most awesome thing is it doesn't dry my lips! <3

(Swatch! Left: without flash // Right: with flash)

Rating: 4/5
Size: 4.5g
Price: $$
Repurchase: Who doesn't want to repurchase chocolate?


(Check out my everyday eye makeup tutorial: HERE)

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  1. The color really suits you! I like the side bangs :D

  2. aku ada yang no.2 nya loh kaak >,< tp belum sempet review .__. hehehehe

  3. I think that side bangs suits you best :3

    p.s im following you! :D

  4. Gyaaaa...
    cakep sekali warnanya! Eh..tapi ga keliatan matte finish, lebih ke glossy, apa ditimpa lipgloss lain lagi?
    Btw, menurutku sih lebih manis pake poni samping, tapi poni depan juga cakep ko :)


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