by - September 01, 2012

Hi my beautiful ladies, hope ya'll are doing good! I wish September will be a good month for all of us :). Tomorrow I'm going to have a reunion with my junior high school friends, haven't seen most of them in ages! And the day after tomorrow, I'm going to have my work interview as a trainee in a MICE company for 6 months. Job training is also a subject that has to be done from my campus. Soooo, wish me luck guys! I hope I can work really well and gain lots of knowledges, relations, also experiences for myself and for the company I work in.

Well, enough talking and let's go straight to the tuturial!
Today's tutorial is inspired by peacock which has beautiful feathers. I'm using only one palette for this tutorial which I got last week, because a friend of mine insisted me to got the palette, and I finally bought it because I can't resist the gorgeous colors the palette has, I promise I'm going to review the palette for you guys.

I'm going to use only 3 colors: green, teal and navy blue, white eyeshadow as a highlighter is not included.

Prepare your eyelids with eye primer, especially in the innter part of your eyes, because we're going to use light color and we want the color to show up. And because I'm going to use dark color on the outer part of my eyes, I'm using black gel liner and my eyeshadow brush to blend the color, only apply it from the center to the outer part of your eyelids.

Start apply green eyeshadow to your inner part of your eyes, make sure to use a clean brush, we don't want to mess with the colors, right?

Now, apply teal eyeshadow in the center part of your eyelids, be careful when you blend green and teal colors together. In my first attempt to try this look, I didn't blend the colors carefully, so the green color was almost gone :(.

The last color is the navy blue, apply it on the outer part of your eyes, and again, be careful with blending the colors together :). The reason I'm using black gel liner from the start is because I want a very deep and dark navy blue color.

I skip some parts here, but you can figure it out.. I apply white eyeshadow as highlight in the corner of my eyes, then I apply teal in the center of my lower lash line, and apply navy blue on the outer part of my eyes. Blend out the edges with my blending brush. Apply eyeliner and tightline my eyes, but I keep it simple, because I don't want the eyeliner to cover up the eyeshadow, today the eyeshadow is the main part of the event hehehehe. Last but not least, curl up your lashes and apply mascara, we're DONE! :)

What do you think about this look?

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  1. whoa so pretty!!! anyway I followed your blog ;)

  2. OHHHH!! so pretty! really love it!

  3. hello there, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Check out my blog post about it dear..

    Congratulations! have a lovely day..


  4. looks great!!
    i hope i have skill like yours.. >.<

  5. wah ini pake eyeshadow Sariayu Kelimutu ya?? cantik banget warnanya di kamuuuu >__< aku ga bisa pakenya jadi aut2an hahaha tapi di kamu keren banget! rapih aplikasinya >_<

  6. Cantik jes!! selalu suka kalau baca tutorial kamu soalnya jelas banget keterangan dan foto-fotonya :D

  7. Wah, cantiknya matamu. Pengen deh, tapi aku ga bisa buat.hiks


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